Friday, April 26, 2013

Glow-in-the-dark loo seats

So I saw this the other day and I'm entranced. They come in glo-blue or this eerie glo-green, to match any decor.

Oh yes it is.

My first thought was, "Why on earth would you need a glow-in-the-dark loo seat?', but really, there's hundreds of reasons.

For a start, as the web site says, you can - LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE, LIGHT UP YOUR TOILET! What's not to love about that?

Second, it can save you money. This little beauty is charged by pretty much any kind of light and then glows for up to 8 hours, saving a ton on your leccy bill as there's no need for the ceiling light. 

Helps with potty training too - Heck, what kid wouldn't want to pee in a Star Wars-ish looking toilet?

Helps you get back to sleep - no really. You know when you have to get up in the middle of that deep REM sleep and you really don't want to fully wake up? Well, by not having to switch on that jarring overhead light, you can stay half asleep while you see to business. So to speak. And the glowing seat will make sure you sit where you should instead of landing on the floor. 

It also saves on the pain - Ladies, no more crashing down onto the rim of the toilet. The glowing seat will tell you right there and then whether the man in your life has done what he should've done.

Apparently they're great for ensuite bathrooms, kids and seniors. They're also stain resistant (don't go there) and won't chip, crack or peel.  Not sure I'd want that glow coming through the cracks in the door to the ensuite bathroom, I have to say. Be a bit like a scene from ET.

Oh and satisfied customer Emily says - "..the blue glow is not only bright, but soothing in a way." Hmmm. In a very strange kind of way Em.

You can even follow them on Twitter - @NightGlowSeats.

I'm very tempted!


  1. Hmmm. Interesting...
    I work in industrial/commercial maintenance. We use various illuminated signs and tapes as, for instance, fire-extinguisher and emergency exit markers. In my experience, the glow from these materials tends not to last very long, yet at least one testimonial on the website claims they last all night.
    Blues and greens tend to be intrusive wakeners, whereas reds and oranges preserve night vision and tend to help us return to sleep without too much disruption.
    Way back, I had friends in mid-Wales who lived in an off-grid house, their power came from a small turbine in a pipe in a nearby mountain stream, via a battery-bank and a load of high-tech electronics in the barn. Now this was before l.e.d. lights became a common low-energy light-source, so the farmhouse was lit by twelve-volt car-bulbs, and, if you think of headlights, they can certainly be more than bright enough when you need light, but they can also be dimmed.
    That was the really cool thing. the hallways and bathroom were lit by a few orange-glowing filaments at night, so visitors needing a late pee were safely guided.

    As for the seat thing, that's the second time recently I've heard of women crashing. Really? You don't look? Just back blindly up and trust to fate?
    Good Grief!

  2. What will they think of next?

  3. emmmm, I'm gonna say "no" to this; simply because I really don't want my toilet seat to "glow," I'd much prefer it if it were heated....maybe.

  4. Hmm- I'm surprised we don't have this in Korea - God knows, they have every other gadget (including heated seats, Gigi!) Ours doesn't glow, but as you know, it does nearly everything else. Our bathroom is also fitted with a low-voltage motion-sensored light (it's orange.) The light is bright enough to see what you're doing, but not so bright that it really wakes you up (nice for the partner who's still in bed, since the bathroom is directly across from the bed.) Only problem is it turns off after so many seconds once the motion stops, and has been known to turn off prematurely, which leads to some pretty silly hand-waving whilst still finishing the job at hand.

  5. Interesting concept. I was trying to think of an appropriately humorous yet disparaging remark (I mean, really, a glowing toilet seat!), but now that I think about it, the idea is strangely appealing.

  6. I think my boys would love this. Personally I find them rather freaky - but I do think you should try it out!

  7. Soub - actually, yes we do on the whole!

    I've now started to wonder if it has any long term "side effects" like a glow-in-the-dark bum?

  8. I am totally laughing right now because my German husband bought not 1 but 2 toilet seats with blue lights on the side. In the US, we would call it the "Blue Light Special." Dare I tell him about the glow in the dark seat? (Sarah)

  9. I want one! Blue I think. Our white ones are starting to look a bit worn and they've not even been on that long, so I think I might be tempted too...


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