Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Crazy Dreams

I don't know about you but sometimes my dreams exhaust me. I've always been a 'dreamer' - not in the walking-around-with-head-in-clouds type of dreamer, but someone who has extremely detailed, complicated dreams that are not forgotten for days and which I can recite ad nauseam. My mother's the same and it turns out the Little Guy has the gene too. He'll wake up in the morning and spend ten whole minutes telling me the in and outs of his latest one. No wonder we need an hour from getting up to getting out the door.

When I'm stressed or have a lot on my mind, (like now) the dreams start getting a bit weird. At university, they also started coming true, which freaked me out a bit I have to say. On one occasion, I dreamt that my clapped out car had been broken into. I told my flatmate who laughingly pointed to it as we left for lectures, saying "Don't be daft, it's right there." I got into it that night and someone actually had broken into it, ripped the radio and tape deck out (that's aging me) and screwed up all the electrics. Unbelievably, about six months later I had another dream that it had been nicked, and again it happened. I remember saying that I needed to park the car closer to our house and my sister (I think) said, "You can't take precautions every time you dream about something". This time it was actually stolen and driven over god knows what, causing extensive damage to its under carriage.

Some dreams you just don't talk about. I mean what if you dream something awful is going to happen? Do you tell the person involved? Is it going to happen anyway? What if they laugh in your face? Fortunately I haven't had a prophetic dream in quite a while. I've obviously lost my touch.

Last night I had such a stupid dream I was up half the night (half awake) trying to figure out which bits were real. It just so happens that we have a number of doctor visits going on at the moment (nothing serious). I also had to get the kids out of the door promptly this morning as I had an 8am phone call. Needless to say the dream got it all muddled up. The Ball & Chain is out of town, which is when things always start to happen. In my dream I suddenly remembered that I had a 7am doctor's appointment downtown. (Why I didn't stop right there and ask who in god's name does 7am appointments I don't know). The big dilemma was what to do with the boys (age 17 and 9). I'm sure they would have been more than capable of getting themselves up and off to school, - if I had remembered to tell them, but in this dream, of course I hadn't.

Worse, was when I finally managed to wake myself up properly, - I still couldn't figure out if I had an appointment or not. I hate that.

The Little Guy came up with a great name for it though - Dream Residue.


  1. I often have very frustrating dreams in vivid colour.
    Usually I am trying to get somewhere with an impossible time frame and I know that people will be really let down if I don't get there.
    I typically see in my dream, children crying in a window and I have to get to them but the faster I run....... the further the window seems to be. I wake up in a state!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  2. I've never had a prophetic dream, thank goodness. But plenty which felt as if they were. Dream Residue. Perfect description for that can't-quite-get-it-out-of-your-mind feeling. I sometimes wonder if when I'm old and demented that not being able to distinguish between the dream stuff and waking reality will be a permanent condition.

  3. When we were leaving Scotland for America, the mother of my son's best friend at school told me that her son was very upset we were leaving, and had dreamt that our aeroplane crashed on take-off and burst into flames.

    So in answer to your question, I would say, no, don't tell them. I could really have done without hearing that. It didn't come true, and I had enough stress at that time to deal with, without that on top. I'm a nervous flyer in any case. I just had to put it out of my mind, but it would have been better if she hadn't told me. She wasn't suggesting it was prophetic in any way, but even so. As I say, I could have done without it.

  4. Maggie - Yikes. That's an awful dream to have. Worse than the being-sent-to-school-in-your-underwear dream!
    leemikcee - What are you saying about me? (Just kidding.)
    Iota - Yes, I usually tell someone not involved with it, just to be able to say "See, I told you". Would never tell the person about a horrible dream.

  5. I have very vivid dreams, too. They're like Quentin Tarantino-on-LSD dreams and I'm grateful they're not prophetic. The weirdest one I had lately was a recurring dream that sort of did come true. I kept having this stress dream I was working in my old marketing job. One weekend I dreamed I was sent to meet with my ex-boyfriend (who also worked in the same company IRL). I would catch a glimpse of him before he'd disappear, then I'd see him again and call out for him. I awoke with a start and hoped like hell I wasn't yelling in my sleep! (My husband was up already, phew.) Here's the weird part. The next day, the ex-boyfriend wrote me out of the blue. It totally freaked me out. What are the chances esp. since I rarely dreamed of him?

  6. Oh, and my MIL will sometimes write to tell me she had a scary dream about me or my son, and she says she hopes we're okay. For the next few days I am totally creeped out; I wish she wouldn't say anything at all!

  7. Diana - Oh my. Wonder what that says about your feelings for the ex BF? They say our dreams are usually a re-run of things that have happened during the day. I wonder if both of you had had an e-mail or something from a common friend or thought about work?
    And yes, MIL should probably not say anything but at least she's not telling you what actually happened in her dream. LOL.

  8. I rarely dream. Or, should I say, I rarely remember any dreams that I may, or may not, have had.

    But "dream residue" totally makes me think of some kind of Stephen King novel.

  9. I spent my life with vivid dreams. The more vivid the more likely it came true the very next day. I'm not going to bore you with them, but there were tornadoes, plane crashes galore, missing children (not mine),avalanche deaths, disasters a plenty. My own family I don't think, ever toke me seriously. Unfortunatly during the dream, only snippets, that usually didn't make any sense, came to me. It wasn't until the next day when the event was happening that I always had a sense of deja vu. But since I went into pre menapause at 50 they stopped. Haven't had one since. That was 7 years ago. As much as I hated them, I kinda miss them. I still have dreams, but they are what I consider normal. I like the term Dream residue though.


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