Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stange things in England

My kids have been coming to England every summer since they were born. They are very comfortable on this side of the Pond and the Man-Child is even thinking of going to college here. It's very easy for me to forget that they weren't brought up here, and that everything isn't second-nature to them; once in a while I'm reminded though...

MC - What does grandma mean when she says "See what's on the other side?"

Me - The other channel.

MC - (Waits for a better explanation.)

Me - It goes back to the time when we only had BBC1, BBC2 and ITV. If you didn't like what was on one channel you only had one or two other "sides" to choose from.

Or yesterday when their cousins were over -

Little Guy - What are these? (Holds up chocolate thing.)

Me -  Rice krispie cakes.

LG - No they're not.

ME - This is how we make them here. (Not the awful American version which is doused in marshmallow).

LG - Oooh, these are so much better.

Me - (smirk).

Come on - which one would you rather eat?


  1. This post made me laugh - we moved to Ireland from Canada. My kids have been offered the chocolate rice krispie cakes at birthday parties....and they can't figure out why they don't taste "right". They miss the marshmallow!

  2. My British in-laws prefer the American ones, but I do think the British ones are yummy!

  3. The British ones of course!

    Its good to hear things from a different perspective!
    That *other side * question made me think. its weird what we take for granted without realising what we are saying.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  4. Yes, "the other side" definitely has a British ring to it! And it's so much easier to choose what to watch when you only have 4 channels....

  5. We moved to England from Canada. My son likes both versions of rice crispy squares. He adapted pretty easily to anything food wise that was "different". He just likes it all. I do have to admit he was pretty happy to see a chocolate version of this treat. Makes you think ~ of course, why didn't I think of doing that...

  6. "On the other side" can mean "the after-life". I'm sure a lot of us would be interested to see what's on the other side!

  7. Iota - Pretty sure we were looking for an alternative to Emmerdale. On the other hand.....

  8. we love both - we love the marshmallow ones and the crispy crackolates as we call them! Both a treat x Thanks!

  9. I think it's my lifelong hatred of anything marshmallow that's clouding my judgment here!

  10. "See what's on the other side?" is endearingly English to me. Like "Mustn't grumble", or "I'm terribly sorry, but..."

  11. I can just hear your mum saying that!

  12. Ok - now you have to post a recipe for the British Rice Krispies. Otherwise how will I know which one I prefer?

  13. I like the American rice krispie cakes, but the UK ones are even better!


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