Sunday, 15 September 2013

Normal Service.....blah, blah, blah

I swear the phrase "normal service will be resumed as soon as possible" is a constant, running through my mind like white noise. I keep finding myself saying "When things have calmed down a little..". Problem is, I've been saying this for about ten years now. I can't be the only one who feels like a giant hamster on a wheel.

And, like a fool, I keep adding to the "to do" list. Not only am I sending hundreds of e-mails out per day alerting schools all over the world to the presence of my new, must-have book, I'm keeping the Facebook page packed full of handy dandy information about US colleges, and writing blog posts for my BBC America gig. Apart from that I've been tracing the Ball & Chain's family tree which is proving very interesting, but a lot of work. That guy has a lot of traceable ancestors. I have decided to give my in-laws a binder of information of their respective sides of the family, hopefully for Christmas if I can get the gaps in the trees filled, then print everything off in a decent (ie. senior-friendly) font.

Oh and then I went and suggested to the ten year old that we have a belated birthday party for him - in the form of a Halloween party. What was I thinking? I'm now knee deep in lists, recipes for bat cup cakes and witch's finger cookies, ideas for decorating the house and everything that goes with hosting a Halloween party. I was thinking of putting a marquee/tent out in the back in case it rains, but I've now decided that we can get the cars out of the garage and turn that into a spooky den. If you could see the state of our garage, you'd appreciate the work involved in emptying it.

So - any great Halloween ideas anyone? I need all the help I can get.

I'm replacing all out family photos with spooky ones like this. Good eh?


  1. I'm glad that not your normal look then!

    I am sure that you will have a fun party and if it is halloween, anything goes right?

    BTW if you ever find out what "normal" is please let us all know!

  2. Wait - you mean to tell me there IS such a thing as "normal?" Am now off to Google it, in hopes of figuring out how to bring it here.

    Love the idea of replacing the family photos! I also saw some signs and knick-knacks in the stores today that would probably get your mind whirling with ideas.

    Good luck with the party!

  3. Reading about all that you are doing made me tired; I'm going to take a nap ;)

  4. Can you push your off button on the creative ideas? (I think you'd get bored...)

  5. Google a recipe for meringue ghosts. They are the easiest things, and very effective. Meringue in the shape of a ghost, then two black dots for eyes. I've always been intimidated by meringues, but I tried meringue ghosts, and they're easy! You can add peppermint flavouring.

  6. Iota- great idea. Will try that, although I do have a bit of meringue-fear too!

  7. Oh my lord woman, I am exhausted just reading this _ how the heck do you do it all. It takes all my energy to post on Facebook a couple of times a week. Do you get up early in the morning?

  8. ALW - 7am, and no earlier. I must admit though, between the hours of 8am and 3pm (school time) I rarely leave the house! Glued to my desk.

  9. You are such a busy person!
    The pictures will work a treat! I'm sure the party will be a roaring success because you are so inventive and resourceful.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May


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