Monday, September 23, 2013

The Wisdom of ME

Obviously, the title of this post is entirely tongue in cheek! Here's an example of my recent wisdom. Actually, before I take the piss out of myself do that, here's an example of something that passes for a bit of my wisdom.

But yes, sometimes I surprise myself. As you may recall, a few weeks ago I lost my cell phone. It was one of those occasions when I just knew it was in the house. Tore the place apart I did, and it finally came to me, like a bolt of lightening, where it might be.

Well, last week I went out to a fairly posh dinner and decided that the large, black leather handbag (I use the word loosely) was possibly too casual and too huge for the event. I opted for a smaller version and transferred my make-up bag, comb, tissues, one credit card and my driving license/licence into it. (It was too small to get my humungous purse/wallet in there.) And that was the last I saw of the credit card and driving license. What a pain! See, over here at least, you're supposed to have your driving license with you when you're driving; you also sometimes need it as ID when buying stuff with a credit card. The credit card I lost was, naturally, the card that also gets me money out of the hole-in-the-wall.

Obviously I tore the place apart - again. Ten days this went on. I was determined not to break down and apply for another driving license. I mean, I knew the darn things were in the house. Back upstairs I went; searched the two bags that had swapped contents (no luck), and every jacket hanging in my closet (no luck). OK, tough measures needed; I turned my attention to the old plastic toy crate that now houses my collection of rarely used handbags. It was only when I saw the "other" evening bag that I remembered - The bag that I had been searching was my original choice but at the very last minute, I changed my mind and took another one. Bingo. There they were, sitting obediently in the inside pocket, waiting patiently for their memory-challenged mother to reclaim them. (I swear this has never happened to any of my children. They wouldn't fit in the inside pocket anyway!)

So lesson learned - Don't be a fashionista; one ginormous black handbag fits every occasion. Swapping them out for smaller, more appropriate bags is just asking for trouble.


  1. So where are my spare car keys, then?

  2. And this is EXACTLY why I rarely change bags - unless it's to change them totally!

  3. Iota - In the brad bin.

    Gigi - You and me both from now on.

  4. classic!

    I recently earned that I love my new boss as he left his phone in a taxi in japan on our recent business trip. so i have a free pass for future inevitable scattiness.

  5. Glad you found it! A lost license is a huge massive pain!
    I have spent the past 2 weeks tearing the house to bits because I *lost my kids passports* Seriously? OMG they expire in January and I am trying to get settlement status before I get thrown out of the damn country (again) and OMG WHAT did I doooooo with them???
    You should have heard my squeal of delight when I finally located them!

  6. Clicked through to the post about teenagers -great advice from everyone.
    I do that with bags too. I did have a special inner bag thing you could move from bag to bag but it was too big for a clutch so didn't solve anything.

  7. This topic is the bane of my existence; I carry a backpack to school (easier on my arms than a briefcase when you're walking) but don't bother with a purse - just chuck my wallet and phone and a small pouch of sundries in the front pocket. When I'm out and about, though, I carry a shoulder bag, so I do a lot of back-and-forth transferring. I finally solved part of the problem by buying a phone case that also has slots for cards (lots of folks here keep their transit cards in their phone cases -quick easy scanning on bus/subway/train) so I have my debit card and transit card with me all the time regardless of bag. Of course, if I lose my phone, it's all over.

  8. I hate it if I loose something, I keep everything in the same place in my purse (wallet) and in the same place in my handbag (purse), and if I switch bags it has to be big enough to move everything over and then I stick with the new bag for a while, I cannot switch bags just for one evening! I think you are right, one big bag for all occasions!!


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