Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Front Door / Alarm update.... Give Me Strength

....'cause I know y'all are on the edge of your collective seat.

So, if you remember, I recently had a new front door installed after a two-year wait. As usually happens when work is done around my house, the workmen managed to bugger up my alarm system, and when the alarm man came out it was, of course, much more complicated than originally thought.

Yesterday the alarm technician came out again, sat down and basically told me that the estimate I had been given over the phone was about 50% of the real price because they'd forgotten (despite the fact that it's all there on my account information) that we have more than one keypad. No choice but to sign on the dotted line and authorize the work to be done.

About three hours later it was all over; new key pads which will take a bit of getting used to and I'm sure alarms will go off accidentally a few times. I gathered up the paperwork, checked it over and realized the guy had forgotten to give me the 20% long-time customer loyalty discount. 20% of quite a lot isn't just loose change and damn it, I'm going after it.

Any road up, I phoned the alarm company billing department this morning to clear up the matter - only to be told that it will take two to three days for the information to appear on my account.

So I have to phone back on Monday.


'Cause I have nothing better to do than clear up other people's mistakes. 


  1. I feel your pain!! I thought that the door people were supposed to be sorting this mess out, not you?

  2. Oh good god no. They said it would be too much trouble to take the door frame off and I should go ahead and get the alarm fixed. Have spent two days waiting in already for various alarm technicians and I'm still dealing with the problem.

  3. Where do you live that you need a security system? Is your experience of England that many people do or don't have security systems? Most people I know in England don't even lock their front doors, let alone have a security system, unless they are way off the beaten path where I hear there can be quite a lot of break-ins. . . .

  4. Sorry Unknown but nearly everyone I can think of in England has a "security system", which in the US simply means an alarm. In fact, in the 23 years of living in the States, the incidences of home theft are far, far less frequent than in England. However, with an alarm system, my home insurance is considerably less, and of course, when we go away there's the added knowledge that if anyone tried to get in, the police are called. It has never happened yet.

  5. Oh jeez! The incompetence of it all makes me insane. Hope you get it sorted out soon.


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