Friday, November 1, 2013

How Did I Get to This?

Ten years ago, almost to the day, we moved into our current house. Things were a bit busy at that time. I had a ten year old, a seven year old, a five month old baby (I know) and a brand new book deal. There were also builders still wandering in and out most days.

I blame that scenario on the current state of affairs - total disorganization. See, I concentrated on getting the kids settled as quickly as I could so when I unpacked non-kid boxes, like kitchenware for example, I didn't give an awful lot of thought to where things should go. This house is fairly big and has a ton of storage space, which is great - if you're organized. Ten years on however, I can't find a thing.

Things are coming to a head. I'm about to blow. I can't stand it any longer.

Get the picture?

So - in a few weeks, when I was going to go on a trip with the Ball & Chain (no kids will be at home), I'm actually going to stay home and jolly well get things sorted out.

All Halloween decorations will be put in one box and stored in a place where I don't have to move it every day. Youngest son's closet (currently full of clothes that he'll grow into) will be reorganized so that we don't have to have a trying-on session every day to find something to wear. Older son's closet (currently full of toys he hasn't looked at in 8 years) will be emptied and contents donated to school garage/jumble sale. An assumption will be made that if the ex-Queenager hasn't taken items to college in the past two and a half years, she probably doesn't want them, and they too will be donated. Unless I take a fancy to them, that is.

My kitchen will be cleared of all vases that I neither like nor want, tupperware will be matched with a lid that fits or will meet its maker, and rusty cutlery is going out too. Books that are meant for toddlers (yes, we still have some) will be donated to the school used book sale and last but not least, the coat cupboard will be sorted into what fits, what gets worn and what we'll need for the arctic weather that's soon to descend upon us.

Aaahh. I feel better already.


  1. we just went through a HUGE purge. It is a major undertaking but well worth it!

  2. Good luck! I often make these plans and then when it comes to it, can't be bothered and don't even start.

  3. A couple of weeks ago I literally filled the book (trunk) of my car full of stuff to take to the charity (thrift) shop. I think they were a bit stunned. I also got rid of a load of tupperware with no lids and lids with no tupperware (strange to have both boxes with no lids and lids with no boxes that didn't match each other!). I love having a clear out, it always makes me feel so much better. Just wish that I could stop things getting disorganised in the times between my sort outs. Hope that you have fun doing this, it will be hard work, but I think that you will love the results. xx

  4. Heavens! Good luck with that. Good to know you have the same muddle as me, though. Tupperware boxes never match up. They're like socks in the wash.

  5. Good luck!

    Look around for charity garage/jumble sales, too, which are always in need of donations to make their events successful.

    My mother-in-law's strategy is one closet per day, just so she doesn't become overwhelmed. I subscribe to this, too, on those rare occasions when I feel the need for a good clear-out. What I'd really like, though, is a professional organizer! I know a fine one, but I'd have to fly her in from California. Rats.

  6. Considering that I'll be moving soon (right before Christmas...what was I thinking?!) I'm about to do the Great Purge myself.

    I consider myself a fairly organized person so I just don't understand how it can get so out of control so quickly.

    Oh wait, I know. I live with very unorganized people.

  7. Oh, you make me want to go clean something!!! Good luck with the clean out! I recomment hiring a teenager or college student to help. Someone who doesn't have any feelings for the stuff is very helpful and will help you got more done!

  8. Good luck! My advice: take it a room at a time.


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