Monday, 9 December 2013

Things I say in the morning

After 20+ years of parenting I'm still supervising a little one. He can shower on his own, brush his teeth, dress himself etc. (thank god) but if left to his own devices in the morning, well, he might not ever get out the door.

I find myself saying the same things every morning, which I'm sure gets as boring for him as it does for me.

"How come you're so tired?" (Mind you, I am the last one who should be asking that.)

"Are you up yet?"

"Did you bring your socks downstairs?" (Inevitably it's a "no".)

"No, no. Don't switch the TV on. You don't have time."

"Where's your lunchbag/glasses/backpack? I just put it on the table."

"Socks. You need socks."

"For goodness sake, stop talking and put your socks on."

"I'm not putting my coat on until you're ready to walk out the door."

"Why have you left it till now to tell me that you need a native American artifact?"

Feel free to add yours.


  1. LOL! Not having a little one anymore usually I'm just grumbling about WHY am I up so early and where's the damn paper.

  2. Ha! That last one's a cracker.

    I usually have a repeat phrase of 'You should have gone to bed earlier!'

  3. "Where is your school card?" "Do you have your -phone gym bag (and whateverneedstobeinside), saxophone, " and yourself...:-)"

    So relate to this:-) Expatmum-in-Mumbai:-)

  4. "Are you planning on taking yesterday's lunch for lunch again today? No? Well, why didn't you unpack your lunchbag last night then?"

    "What do you mean you don't like that for lunch - YOU'RE the one who chose that meat/bread/yogurt at the store!"

  5. Ha ha I guess I'm not alone then. I think I also say all of the above too.
    The Man-Child always looks like he didn't go to bed till about 3am and now that he's 18, I can't really make him go anyway.

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