Wednesday, January 29, 2014


On the off chance you're thinking about a new bathroom, I thought you'd like to see/hear about this lovely invention.

It's the Yin Yang Bathtub and apparently ideal for couples "who feel like sharing their bathtub without actually sharing it". It has sound waves and color light (so it's not just pink and blue bubble bath) and massages you into the bargain. And what a bargain it is - $55,000 or 33,000 quid. I'm sure there's a hefty installation fee on top of that.

I don't know about you but if I'm having a bath I don't feel like sharing it at all. I don't want anyone trying to talk to me under the door, shouting up the stairs asking me where the dog leash/car-keys/phone is, or otherwise interrupting my precious "me" time. Ideally I'd have a glass of wine and read my book, but who am I kidding? If I take a bath instead of a shower it's still less than a five minute job and never involves mood lighting.

I am wondering however, if this concept extends to co-sleeping. I mean for those "who feel like sharing their bed without actually sharing it".



  1. May not have co bathing down pat but do have co sleeping down pat - have put The One Who Snores Loud Enough To Wake The Dead in a completely different wing of the house...little bit more expensive than a mere co bathing bathroom but I think well worth the investment!!!

  2. What a bizarre notion - totally with you on the 'want it to myself, thanks very much' notion of having a bath. It's about the only place in the house I can get some peace and quiet!

  3. I actually am thinking of a new bathroom but kindly have to reject your idea, sorry. I don't share my bath with anyone.
    PS: Is the guy in the picture... um... pleasuring himself??!!

  4.'ll never catch on. If I'm taking a bath I don't want anyone else in the area. I'm with you, I want wine, a book and maybe some chocolate.

  5. There is a time -- a very short time -- in some relationships when taking a bath together is desirable. But in that instance, you want to be in the same tub. And, once normality returns, you simply don't want the other person around while you're in the bath (as is confirmed by almost every comment above). Therefore, this thing is useless.

  6. The feature I would like on a bath is instant hot top-up. In the last 3 houses I've lived in, the hot water takes a little while to come hot. So if you're in a bath and it's getting tepid, you turn on the hot tap, but it gushes in lots of cold before you get the benefit of the hot.

    It's a real problem. Forget the mood lighting. Solve the instant hot problem first.

  7. I agree, I don't want to chat in the bath. It's quiet time, and I usually take a book in there if it's going to be a long one. I can understand this kind of a thing at a spa, but not at home!

  8. Wouldn't it be cheaper simply to install two regular bath tubs? I mean, really? $55,000 for two half-sized tubs?!

  9. I can solve Iota's problem. Our hot water comes out hot for a top-up but the best thing is having an easy lever-type tap which can be operated with my foot so I can remain horizontal.
    Maybe I am odd but I like to chat to husband when he is in the bath. Mind you, I don't like him sitting in the room when I'm in the bath.


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