Wednesday, February 19, 2014

All About Me - Part 2

Don't worry - this won't go on for 10 posts. I don't think there's that much to tell about me LOL. So, here are the rest of the questions from Iota. I'm running on empty at the moment and don't have time to tag other people and make up ten new questions so you're all off the hook!

  1. Name a guilty pleasure.
  2. If you could change one thing you've done in the last week, what would it be?
  3. What's your middle name? (go on, we're all grown-ups now, it's not embarrassing any more)
  4. Can you, with Edith Piaf, say "Je ne regrette rien"? 
  5. What fairy story character do you most identify with? (don't over-think this one)

Guilty pleasure - Hmmm. Do I have one? I'm a bit straight-laced despite outward appearances. I don't watch any rubbish on telly, don't eat whole boxes of chocolate in one go and don't have a lover on the side. (Who has time?) I suppose my unguilty pleasure would be a glass or two of Pinot Grigio on a regular basis. 

Change one thing in the last week - Book a flight for tomorrow morning that means I have to be up and out of the house by 7.30am. Before you think "That's not that early" let me add that I also have to take the Man-Child (18) with me. He is off school this week, will be out late at a rock concert, and doesn't want to come with me as it is. (Long story). As I said, not looking forward to it but there were no options. It's a fairly long flight so he can go straight back to sleep.

Middle name - is Marie. Not embarrassing at all really. My real name is Antonia Marie, which was a tad embarrassing growing up in the north east of England I have to say. It was only ever used when I was in trouble and I still get the collywobbles when I hear it. 

Regrets? - I have quite a few minor regrets (degrees that I ever use, rubbish jobs etc) but really, what's the point? So yes, I suppose I can do the Piaf thing. 

Fairy Story character? - Oh lord, she says, immediately over-thinking the whole thing. At times I feel like Cinderella when I do a huge load of laundry and only two items are mine. Right now in Chicago it's so bloody cold I quite often feel like the Little Match Girl, although obviously I'm not trying to sell anything on the streets in bare feet. Off the top of my head (although it wasn't really) I'd say Mary Poppins. She was strict but loving, very smiley and what a voice! The kids still liked her even when she made them do things they didn't want to; no sulking and slamming doors in that house. Plus she could get a ton of stuff into that carpet bag; I could do with that at the moment as I'm desperately trying not to have to check a bag. 

Ta da! 


  1. How can one NOT over-think the fairy tale character?!

    As for the trip? Don't worry - he will definitely conk out immediately upon boarding.

  2. Hi, I am a big fan of your blog! I just want to say that I got inspired by this post and so did my own, with full attribution to you!
    Best wishes, Virginia

  3. I can imagine you as Mary Poppins! x

  4. Hope you managed to get your lad up in time. We had to get ours up at a similar time on Thursday and that was only for a drive to Newcastle. In the end, he was up in time but hubby and I faffed about.
    Practically perfect Antonia! :-))

  5. Trish - there was indeed a lot of faffing by the teen - who gave himself precisely 15 minutes from getting out of bed to getting in the car. Sigh...

  6. #2 can get up at 7:14 and make the bus at 7:18. Granted, he showers in the evening, but I still don't really understand how he does it, or why I can't do the same. Enjoy your trip!


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