Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Finally A Diagnosis…...

Instead of thinking I, along with my entire family, was mad, it turns out that I have a syndrome. and apparently there's no cure. However, I can't tell you how normal this diagnosis makes me feel; the knowledge that other people out there suffer the same torment I do is music to my ears.

I happened upon this article the other day, about a woman who feels blind rage when she hears her boyfriend chewing. OK, so I don't exactly respond with rage but I do have to remove myself from the kitchen when the Ball & Chain consumes his Grape-nuts every morning. Mind you, when he chomps on an apple right behind me I confess I get a little hot under the collar.

Don't come near me till you've finished that!

My children (and their friends, if necessary) are constantly told to close their mouths when eating, not only because it's bad manners, but because the sound of slurping and chewing makes me feel physically sick. And god forbid anyone should screech a knife across a plate. (Why does that make your teeth go funny, by the way?)

Growing up, most meals were accompanied by music from the radio (or the wireless, as it was sometimes called). I have vivid memories of us all gathered round the table for Sunday dinner with Jimmy Savile's 'Old Record Club' in the background.  Anything rather than listening to mouth sounds.

Sitting in silence isn't actually silence when you have a table full of Misophonics - 'cause apparently that's what we are. Oh yes, We have a name as well as symptoms and no known cure. Look -

Misophonia literally means the hatred of sound.
It is caused by a physical malfunction of the central nervous system or the brain and is an abnormal response to sound.
Most sufferer's find their condition is only triggered by certain sounds.
These can cause strong emotional or physical responses such as rage, crying, screaming or nausea.
The most common triggers are chewing, breathing, throat clearing and sniffing.
There are no cures but some patients find relief through treatments such as hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy or meditation.
Source: Misophonia Association

And we even have an organization and a web site - Misophonia UK; "Taking Sound Sensitivity Seriously". Who knew?

So -  at least now I know I'm not crazy.



  1. Count me as a member to your club! I have banned celery from this house because I have informed my husband that I WILL kill him if I ever him chopping on it again. I think he believes me.

    Now if I could work on his obnoxiously loud sneezes...

  2. I think I have the opposite - I cannot cope with silence (think that's why I snore). Glad you have some answers.

  3. At last, I know that I am not the only one and that I am not barmy!! My family are all pretty quiet eaters, we probably make the occasional sound, but not constantly, but some others who shall remain nameless make awful noises, eat with their mouths open and also make horrendous nose blowing noises which all drive me crazy. I am so glad that it isn't just me - which they (the noisy ones) tell me it is! xx

  4. Finally, a reason why I hate the Dave Brubeck style of jazz! (or is it just that I hate the Dave Brubeck style of jazz...?)

  5. The scraping of pans, metal on metal........ ahhhhh.....
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  6. I had never heard of this until recently when a colleague's daughter was diagnosed.

  7. Blog tag over at my place, if you're interested.


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