Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Being Blessed

Just kidding! I'm not one to use that word. In fact, I laughed my head off when I read this article about the over-use of the word "blessed" on social media. Didn't people used to just call themselves "lucky"?

Anyway, were I to use the word "blessed", I'd say it would be appropriate this week.

First of all I got a lovely award from the nice people at The Displaced Nation. It's nice to have such an enthusiastic shout-out for something I've written. Ironically, it was for a piece I wrote about Brits not being able to take praise very well, so I'm being very un-British in bragging here aren't I?

And secondly, I went to an event last night. I don't really go out much, especially during the week, and usually not to what one calls events. Anyway, as I said, last night I went to a soft opening (that's when the place has been open for a while but they haven't got round to having an "opening") at a fabulous little gift shop in Chicago.

This is me hanging out with the owner -

Yes, it's her. You know, the one from ooh, what's that movie? (Joan Cussack, by the way.) And she's as funny, lovely and zany as you'd think she'd be. Confusingly, the shop's called Judy Maxwell Home, (on Wells Street, by the way).

What's more her shop sells the most amazing gifts - funny and sometimes a little well, titilating. 

Like these hand sanitizers - 

Yes, you read that right!

Made me laugh out loud anyway.


  1. That DOES look like a fun shop! If only I lived in Chicago...

    And, apparently, we are rubbing off on you; you braggart you! ;-) Congrats!

  2. I LOVE her. She used to be on all those brat pack movies didn't she - with big hair, so lovable

  3. Ok not to be anal - but because I do really love her and she's such a good actress - here is the spelling of her all the films she's done, it's not easy to be the zany sidekick and she gives it the five dimenionality...

  4. I totally agree with the word blessed being over-used...Facebook even has a tag now you can add called "feeling blessed" which makes me feel rather sick.

    Joan Cusack is totally cool - I would be hanging around there in case her brother popped in as well. Used to have a major crush on him...

  5. Well done on your award and good on you for having a wee brag about it too. You deserve it. Xx

    Did you buy anything? I might have to get some of the hand sanitiser- Dougie could offer it to his patients. Lol.

  6. Trish - there was so much to choose from and it was a bit packed, so I'm going back on Saturday and stocking up. I have a list of upcoming birthdays etc.

  7. Congratulations on your award! Hope it's only one of many!

    Envious of the opportunity to meet Joan Cusack! I can't think of a role she's played that I have not loved.

  8. Love that sanitizer. I always keep a supply of it in the classroom during flu season....

  9. Well done on the award.

    Just catching up with your blog after a bit of a break.

    I think that "blessed" in religious parlance means "I've been given something I don't deserve". Whereas the usage that article talks about is usually relating to something that the person has achieved themselves (ie yes, a brag). So, for example, I would think it's ok to say that the fact that the sun is shining on your wedding day is a blessing. The fact that you made contingency plans so that if it rained you'd be inside and not get drenched isn't really a blessing. It's something you organised.

  10. Very cool! She's pretty funny - love the products.


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