Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Kitchen Sh*t Drawer

...come on, you know you have one. The drawer in the kitchen with no real designation; the one where you shove everything that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Here's mine -

I have the nerve to have dividers in there as if the stuff's organized or something. It probably was when I first put them in - small scissors and nail clippers in one section, keys (to goodness knows what) in another, spare shoe laces and phone cords neatly wound up and stored where it's easy to find them. There's a section there where we're supposed to store long things like dog brushes (the pink one), lint rollers and scissors.  Those were the days.

Hold on - there is a minor miracle at work here - two pairs of scissors in the drawer. Usually I can't even find one.

And I spy nail polish, which is not supposed to be in there but I obviously couldn't be bothered to take it upstairs. Besides, you never know when my non-existent manicure will need a touch up.

The large pink thing is a dog pop bag and it seems to be stuck to the double-sided sticky tape I have in there. The speckled thing at the bottom right of the photo is a sample of the granite in my kitchen - which was installed 11 years ago. It was appropriate to have it to hand when I was picking out paint colo(u)rs, but again, that was 11 years ago. (Yes, I need to re-paint the kitchen.)

What's in your drawer?

* This post was inspired by a Facebook post from blogger and photo-goddess Jay Emme.


  1. I've just laughed so hard at this, partly for what you've written and partly for how much I'm nodding in agreement. I love that you tried to organise it, but there's clearly no organisation. (Though, you somehow managed to get the two scissors together, so that's SOMETHING...)

    Brilliant. :D

  2. I have lots of drawers like that! Time for a real clearout - but there are spme useful things there - infact all the things I can't find!!

  3. Oh you wouldn't want to know! I have too many like that.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  4. Well, of course I have one! Who doesn't? In my old house, the one that had so many drawers, I had THREE! Fortunately, or sadly - depending on how you look at it - this house only has one.

    And, of course, I have dividers! But I live with people. And those people are not neat, organized people. And because of that, my junk drawer is a mess.

    Or, at least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it...

  5. Love this! Granite samples, nail varnish and all beautifully divided. I'm dreadful for stuffing things in drawers so might have to join in with this but husband has a habit of tidying them up, usually tutting at the same time.

  6. Hey there!
    Just came across your blog and this post is cracking me up! I am originally from Chicago, but have been an expat in India for the past year. I think I would trade this heat for the cold Chicago winters!

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  7. Well, you just never know when something might come in useful...

  8. What's the blue thing in the bottom left hand corner? Is it one of those gadgets for de-pilling jumpers?

  9. My junk drawer looks so similar to yours! LOL Down to the dividers (symbols of eternal hope!).

    Junk drawers: a universal constant.

  10. Iots - yes, but it has no batteries!

  11. Haha, that really made me smile! :-D I have such a drawer but it has become better organized as I purge it constantly. Hoping to have it all clean (and almost empty) in the near future! :-)


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