Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 - downhill already?

Oh dear! Not getting off to a good start. I was supposed to start a diet today that I've already cheated on. It's not so much of a diet as a metabolism boost that usually results in weight loss. No bad thing. You're supposed to eat carbs for two days, then proteins etc. I read the entire book before starting and it's sensible, not a fad, a few people I know have done it - yada, yada, - and I've already broken it.

I was doing OK considering that you're not supposed to have anything caffeinated, including your morning cup of tea. I managed. I think I just drank so much water that I couldn't face any more liquid whatever it tasted like.

I had my steel-cut oatmeal with fruit for breakfast, and no caffeine or dairy. I had a large apple three hours later, as directed. I then had a spelt tortilla wrap with whatever it was I was allowed for these two days. And then a tangerine for snack and brown rice pasta with chicken and veg for dinner.

And then a glass of wine. I actually forgot! Honest! I had cooked, served, eaten and cleaned up dinner, helped the 11 y/o with homework, taken down some Xmas decs, put a load of laundry in, then sat down to look at the pile of Xmas cards I hadn't reciprocated - and the wine came out. Ugh.

It's not that one glass of wine has so many calories it'll knock out a whole day of dieting. This diet is all about the metabolism and what various foods do to your body. And I've probably screwed it up big time.

And that's not all. Having had two weeks off, in a different time zone, I thought we did remarkably well this morning getting up at 7am and at school by 8am. Unfortunately when we got to school, 11 y/o realized he'd forgotten his locker padlock. Given that they now have phones and I-pads (school issued), it would have been our luck to have a "prank" pulled resulting in loss of one or both so I went home to find it. Couldn't find it, so walked back to school (in Arctic temps I'll have you know - 2 Fahrenheit, which I do believe is -16.66 recurring Celsius) to find his lock firmly secured on his locker. Turns out he'd actually left it on the floor and his teacher had picked it up for safe-keeping. Never mind, I'm sure the feeling in my cheeks will return soon.

Then I drove out to the burbs to buy a new dishwasher as ours had bitten the dust. We have been resolutely ignoring the fact that it only washes on the 1.5 hour Pots and Pans cycle (but my, does it get everything clean), but now the spring on the door has gone, causing severe thigh injury and death to small dogs, if you're not careful. No, - time for a new one. Anyway, drove to the burbs with extremely poor directions from the web site, leaving me lost and clueless as soon as I turned off the highway/motorway. And then my smart phone GPS that should have given me directions from anywhere on the planet decided to freeze. Hello?

Silver lining? I drove for about 50 minutes more than I should have, often close to tears of frustration and/or despair. Walked into the appliance store, had a quick wee (as you do when you've been driving for more than an hour), spotted the dishwasher I wanted and bought it.

And I saved $400 by buying the floor model - which comes with the exact same warranty and everything.

Oh yes, 2015! I like you already.


  1. I did The Plan to boost my energy but it was torture more of a stripping down to find your reactive foods. Those which were reactive put up to 2ibs on you overnight. My best foods were lamb and steak thank goodness, they do make the body work harder

  2. ALW - This is the Fast Metabolism Plan, which I read cover to cover and was very excited to start. I'm still determined to do it, (I'm only on Day Two) but finding the different food days a bit tiresome. Day 1 & 2 (out of a week, you can only eat certain foods, Day 3&4 only meat and veg, Day 5,6,& 7 are less restrictive but it's irritating me already.
    Would love to know if I have any intolerances but I have to say I'm obviously not that committed.

  3. As someone who hates being told what to do, that diet would not work for me. I think it sounds like torture and I don't think it's a good idea at all.
    Just eat on smaller plates, the things you want to eat. Wine maybe once a week and walk to school...... yes that's a good idea!

    I broke my New Yr Resolution on day one because when I went out on my walk, all the people I passed en route looked really weird and I think engaging in a conversation of any kind would have been taken the wrong way.
    Some people have smiled since then and I have managed to talk to one or two a day!
    Maggie x

  4. I hear you! I'm trying desperately to lean down in 3 weeks for beach attire, and it's just not happening! But good for you for trying!

  5. It's almost as much about boosting my metabolism this diet. Weight Watchers works well (as long as I don't "guestimate") but this one sounded like it would make me feel less sluggish, or something.
    We'll see.


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