Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Crisp sarnies and other oddities

I read with some amusement about a new shop in Northern Ireland that's selling crisp sandwiches (chips, to any American readers). Yes, it's a guilty pleasure of many a Brit but I'm quite surprised that so many people would queue to buy one outside the confines of their own home.

But then again, given the other stuff we put in sandwiches, maybe not. My American husband is always aghast that we would put starch between two slices of another starch with barely a vegetable in sight. I tell him that some people like ketchup with their chip (fries) butties and surely that counts as something?

And what about fish finger (fish stick) sarnies? (I must admit, that was never one of my penchants. Too dry. Although the sandwich above doesn't look too appealing either.) Jamie Oliver even has a recipe for them,  - which consists of little more than "Take two cooked fish fingers, butter some bread, and stick the ff.'s in the middle" - to save you the trouble of finding it.

One disgusting thing I remember doing as a child was buttering a slice of bread and then soaking it in vinegar. Seriously. I'm not sure where I got the inspiration from and clearly, my body must have been crying out for something. I don't remember the cravings going on for too long though, thank goodness. Some people have buttered bread slathered in ketchup, so I wasn't too far off the reservation, as they say. (If that's not PC, I apologize.)

These days my favor(u)rite sandwich is probably nothing more exciting than chopped up boiled egg mixed with mayo and avocado.

How about you?


  1. YES I read that too - those crisp sandwiches sound delicious Lx

  2. They were talking about crisp sandwiches today on Loose Women - like The View I believe. Janet Street Porter was aghast at the thought!! I'm not so keen on a crisp sandwich, but pringles definitely. Big thumbs up too for chip butties, fish finger sandwiches and also - had you forgotten this - a fried egg sandwich!!! That really is great, especially with HP sauce!! Now I hope that you are not longing to be back in England too much after all that!! xx

  3. Lucy - I don't mind crisp sarnies but the one in the picture does not appeal. Has to be normal crisps.

    Amy - I always think of a fried egg sandwich as pretty normal for some reason. In fact I went to a nice restaurant for lunch a while back and they had a posh fried egg and bacon salad sandwich on the menu.

  4. Ooh I love a fish finger andwich. me. With ketchup obv. When I was a kid, occasionally we used to be allowed to make a sugar sandwich as a special treat - ha!

  5. Pickled onion sandwiches . . . . .or piccalilli sandwiches . . . . hmmm
    Of course coming from the north of England a nice jam butty . . . . lol

  6. Rethink - can't stand ketchup so that would be a no-no. And yes, the sugar!

    Eddie - Hi! Pickled onions I love, although I've never thought of putting it between bread. And yes, the old jam nutty.

  7. One of my favourite sandwiches as a kid was cheddar cheese and tomato ketchup. Have to admit that there are times when I sneak the odd one in, even now...

  8. My children invented the Ritz Cracker sandwich (carbohydrate overload).

  9. Don't think I've ever made myself a weird sandwich but as a child, I was obsessed with eating bread and milk, after reading about it in some Victorian children's book. It was actually quite tasty if you added a bit of sugar....


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