Monday, 9 February 2015

Living the Sitcom Life.

Two people this morning commented on how much my life resembles a sitcom. Personally, that has never really struck me; I think I live a rather boring life. However, there might be some truth if today's events are anything to go by (and it's only 10am).

My day started off with the bed collapsing between 5 and 6.30 this morning. I had gone to the loo, climbed back into bed, and then the earth seemed to move (and not in that way). One small jolt, then another. "What was that?" I said to the Ball & Chain, who I knew to be awake. "Dunno", he replied, though we both knew he was lying through his teeth. We just couldn't be bothered to get out of bed and investigate. As is typical, I never did get back to sleep, but the B&C obviously did as he forgot about the bed situation, rolled over and the bed frame then completely collapsed in the middle. We can't investigate till the Punk Rocker gets up (which could be a while) because the Tempurpedic mattress is too big and floppy to be handled by just the two of us. Will get back to you....

Then I faced my to-do list, which mainly consisted of sorting out problems caused by idiots. The dishwasher, recently delivered and installed, was missing the kick plate, which was to be ordered and delivered soon. Three weeks later I'm still waiting, so I called the appliance store. Apparently the installer never actually got round to putting any order in, so that's another two to three weeks I'll have to wait. Good job it doesn't impact the actual performance of the dishwasher.

Then I was supposed to phone College Girl's Housing Department as they appear to have two different move-out dates in May. Very difficult to organize flights and things when you don't know when the room has to be vacated. I lined up the two different web site links, just to get my ducks in a row, before calling the Housing people. Good job I did. The Ball & Chain had been reading the 2014 dates while College Girl was going off the 2015 calendar. Well then. At least it saved me from looking like an absolute bloody pillock on the phone.

Then I tackled the question of our May 2015 hotel booking (for College girl's graduation) which seems to have disappeared from the hotel system. Given that this booking was made last year, and we have a confirmation e-mail and number, it was very upsetting to hear that not only is the booking nowhere to be found, but the hotel is now fully booked. With two large colleges having graduations in the same week, you can imagine that four hotel rooms are now thin on the ground. It would have helped ENORMOUSLY if the Ball & Chain had made the booking for 2015 instead of May 2014 though. Sigh....

Just as you're thinking "Goodness, this guy's in the doghouse", let me tell you, it gets much worse. How about this for wanton, willful, carelessness.

Full bottle, and very hard to come by in these parts. Surely I have a case. 


  1. The HP Sauce debacle is definitely adding insult to injury.

    Are you sure the B&C knows what century he's in, never mind the year? ;-)

  2. Yes; definitely a sitcom life that you have going over there.

  3. I've had a couple people tell me that Mercury is in retrograde right now. I don't believe in astrology, but that said, it seems like everyone and everything is screwing up royally right now. ;-) Hope you get the hotels sorted out ... what a pain!

  4. I sympathise (a little) with the B&C. A few years ago we did a Big Trip, which involved several stops on a round the world ticket. Trailfinders did most of teh bookings but I organised the Fiji bit which involved an overnight stay near the airport for an early flight. I handed over our booking voucher for the 4 of us and they looked blank, checked on the computer, checked again and then said "The booking is for the 15th August, and this is the 15th July, and we're full." Oops. Fortunately they were lovely and managed to find us somewhere else to stay and even refunded the booking.

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  6. I was thinking "yes, rather sitcom", until I was stopped in my tracks by the word "graduation". That's not been 4 years. Surely?

  7. H.P. Sauce comes in plastic bottles you know!
    That man is treading on thin ice with that disaster, the others are totally forgiveable.


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