Monday, 9 March 2015

Sunday Night Insomnia

Finally! It has a name! Kind of a boring, predictable name I'll admit, but still - it means I'm not the only one who has it. Sunday Night Insomnia!

Anyone else?

I'm quite an organized person and our life here in the Expat household is fairly predictable, so it's never as if Monday morning is going to bring a scary new experience. That doesn't stop me looking at the clock every ten minutes for the first three hours in bed on a Sunday night. I could understand if I were starting a new job, preparing to scale the west face of Everest or even driving to somewhere I'd never been before but no. Nothing.

I have to admit though, sleep is not my forté. I was an insomniac child, weeping silently when I realized my parents had gone to bed and I was the only one awake in the whole entire house. As an adult, if there's ever anything on my mind, sleep is the first thing to go, followed by food. (Clearly I don't have enough stress in my life at the moment as the food habit is alive and well!)

The irony is that I need my sleep; I'm not one of those Margaret Thatcher types who can get by on four or five hours a night. I need my eight hours.

Anyway, last night (being a Sunday night), I went to bed at 10.45pm and was still looking at the clock at 12.30am. This on a night where I already knew we were all going to be tired in the morning since the clocks went forward this weekend. Obviously that was what I was subconsciously worried about - being tired when I woke up. Ironic eh?

I was also convinced the bed was going to collapse (again), and not without reason - See my last post. I even woke twice and leaned over to see if the Ball & Chain's side of the bed was level with mine. It would appear so.

But yes, it seems I'm not alone in this - Sunday Night Insomnia! Who knew?


  1. I have never suffered from any kind of insomnia - I am just a bit of an idiot who goes to bed too late.

  2. Weirdly there is a whole article on Sunday night insomnia in The Metro this are SO on trend with your sleep patterns ! Sorry to miss you - waved at you on our way out of Chicago! Lx

  3. Sunday night Insomnia - that would be heaven - if only it was just Sunday night!

  4. I've suffered from serious bouts of insomnia twice in my life, so I wish it really did improve your math skils!
    Like you sleep and eating always go first with me when I'm anxious about something. I am fine when things are going well but if there's a change in routine or something bad's happening, that's when it goes out of the window.
    And if one more person tells me to put lavender on my pillow...I'll scream.

  5. My real problem is that I have a very very mild form of apnea and wake up a lot during the night. I am a very light sleeper too, so every morning I just wake up feeling like I need a big long sleep. Ugh.

  6. I wonder if it's because you get a bit out of routine by Sunday and your body doesn't have time to adjust?
    I also have insomnia but it is at it's worse when I can have a half hour sleep in next morning (because the granddaughters are not coming). Then I seem to be waking earlier than ever.
    I go to sleep fairly quickly but wake up at 5am most mornings , unable to get back to sleep.
    Maggie x

  7. That's what they say Maggie - that if you stay up later then usual on a Friday or Saturday night, it upsets your routine. Sigh.

  8. I've never heard of that. My insomnia has never restricted itself to just Sundays...
    (I've come over to add you to my new RSS feed as I'm back in blogland after three years.)

  9. I've never had insomnia but I've heard it can be terrible. My youngest has trouble getting to sleep a lot and I know there can be health risks. I hope it's just a phase and not something he has to deal with down the road. Must be awful.

    see health risks:


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