Wednesday, 29 April 2015

UK Driving Licence/License update

So, there are more changes afoot with British driving licenses (excuse American spell check). I could try to explain them but why re-invent the wheel when this writer does it so well.

What that means for people who passed the test before 1998 is - DO NOT throw your old paper license away, no matter which car rental employee tells you to do so. It is still valid, but, as the article explains, if you want to rent a car in the UK (and abroad) you'll need to apply for a code from the DVLA.

One more reason why, if you have an international license, or a license from another country (like a US license) it might be easier to use that when renting.


  1. Yes, lots of new things are happening as regard to vehicle licenses in Britain.
    I've just applied for my new 3 yr renewal as I'm over 70. Last time I had a huge medical check to get through, this time not!
    Maggie x

  2. I just had to apply for mine again because I am 70 and until then I had only a paper licence _ because I wanted ti drive a mini-bus I had to have a medical and now I can do that for the next 3 years . . . and then apply again.
    Interesting that sister Maggie has just commented . . . :) Eddie x

  3. Well at least you both didn't have to take the test again. Ugh. That would be awful.

  4. Lost mine _ I needed it in NZ for so many things - must have left it behind and so was driving around for ages without it - not sure if that is illegal. Finally got it in five mins with horrifying crazy looking photo


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