Monday, 8 June 2015

Wall Street Journal

Well hello!

Been a bit busy with my mummy staying, one of the offspring coming home from college and another signing up. Etc.

I did however, manage to get myself published in the Wall Street Journal - about which I am slightly chuffed, so please enjoy!


  1. I found that fascinating! I have a dust mite allergy myself, and never realised it could get worse depending on the country I'm in, and on pollution factors. Just fascinating. I do think I developed my allergy during a stay in the UK, in a particularly dusty house. I felt myself getting sick during that stay. Thank you. Lots to think about!

  2. Oh and congratulations on the cool publication.

  3. Well done for getting published there! Great article.

    You don't address the key issue though... how to persuade an allergy-suffering child to give the neti-pot a go! (And don't say "lead by example", because I'm not sure I want to either...)

  4. Congratulations - very nice article, and reflects our experiences exactly. All of us in the family are allergy sufferers, but (the good thing about moving so often) we've discovered that the first year or two in a new place, we all seem to do pretty well. The longer we stay, the worse our symptoms get. And yes, our first spring in the UK has been absolutely lovely. I'll report back next spring and let you know if things go rapidly downhill. Unless, of course, we're in a different country by then....


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