Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Presidential Wannabees - What a Circus

So, in case you're currently under a rock, there's an election going on in the USA. Actually, the election isn't till next November, but to watch the news, you'd think it was next week. Apart from the odd few minutes to talk about ISIS, the Syrian refugees, the world economy and perhaps a little weather thrown in, we are awash with coverage of the candidates. And mainly the Republican candidates.

If you are under a rock in the USA at least, I suspect you've taken refuge from the circus we have before us.

First off, there are still so many people running (in the Republican party) that they have to have two tiers of debates. The people with lower popularity poll numbers get to do the evening debates and those whose numbers should really embarrass them into dropping out, debate earlier in the day. When no one's really watching. I was going to say the "better" candidates, but when you have a reality TV host and a former brain surgeon who appears to be losing his marbles, suitability for the job apparently doesn't come into it. In fact, they, together with Carly Fiorina (fired CEO of Hewlett Packard) are basing their entire campaigns on the fact that they have no political experience whatsoever. Can you imagine if Trump or Fiorina had to interview a similarly unqualified candidate at one of their businesses?

Trump/Fiorina - "So, tell me why I should hire you as my Chief Operating Officer".
Brain surgeon - "Well, I performed pediatric neurosurgery for twenty years."
T/F - "Impressive, but not quite related to the job in hand don't you think?"
BS - "On the contrary, I think my position as a total novice in the corporate world will bring new ideas to the table."
T/F - "Really? What kind of ideas?"
BS - "I'm still working on that. I'm going to ask some experts to weigh in"
T/F - "We have 350 million people. How many people are you used to over-seeing?"
BS - "I'm more used to working in smaller teams of half a dozen. I find the communication is better."
Trump/Fiorina heave a huge sigh, thinking "This guy is either wasting my time or clueless about the job. Or both".

Unfortunately, to some of the American public, a total newbie to the political arena is totally what we need. Sigh.

Some of the recent gems from the candidates for your amusement:

  • “I ran Hewlitt-Packard!” – Carly Fiorina, forgetting that under her watch the company lost half its value and laid off 28,000 workers
  • “Whether the Earth was created in 7 days, or 7 actual eras, I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to answer that. It’s one of the great mysteries.” – Marco Rubio
  • “I think the only difference between me and the other candidates is that I’m more honest and my women are more beautiful.” – Donald Trump


  1. Agghhhhh!!!!!!!! It was bad enough listening to Cameron, Milleband and the other one - can't even remember his name... Oh yes, Clegg! going on adnauseum in the "debates" that we had, I don't know how you cope!! Good luck for the next 12 months is all I can say!

  2. Amy - I actually haven't bothered to watch one all the way through yet. I read tweets as it was on live, which was much more entertaining. Once they whittle down the number of candidates I may consider watching but I'm not committing to that.

  3. One of the reasons I am so thankful we are still overseas, although watching this circus (and the clowns emerging, one by one, from the Clown Car) has been alarming enough to make us seriously question ever returning to the US.

  4. I thought the polls against clinton later on cnn was more laughable than the 20 second sound bites afterwards. There hasn't been a poll that was even close in any election world wide since 2000, if not earlier. Its the publication on air of these stupid polls that make me crazy. Why does anyone pay these people for their erroneous results, that's the most annoying thing during any election.

  5. Well, Kathy, the annoying only ramps up from here. Set aside a 2-YEAR election process [runs from room screaming], and you'll realize that the meaty part of election advertising season is yet to come (probably beginning WAY TOO EARLY), subjecting us all to a barrage of television, radio, print, direct mail, and online ads that become unavoidable as well as maddening. A very isolated South Pacific island is sounding very appealing just now.

  6. Cruz and Rubio are now gaining traction, which I suppose is better than the other two, but if any of this lot gets in I'm not staying.

  7. "My" women? They don't actually belong to you Donald.


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