Sunday, 3 April 2016

Tomorrow I'll be a changed woman

Thanks for all your well wishes. Not been able to blog much as sitting is probably the worse position for me, and for a writer, that's a challenge. Good job I'm not the major breadwinner eh?

So my surgery is on Monday morning. It's a 2-ish hour thing and they're putting me out completely, which I prefer because then you just go to sleep and (hopefully) wake up! I've had stuff done with various other forms of anesthesia and it's the lapsing of time that is the worst. Even though you can't feel much, and you care even less, for some reason I still find being aware of time quite stressful.

They will keep me in a few hours to make sure I'm OK, then home again, home again tomorrow evening. I usually snap out of anesthesia pretty well, although I know from experience that the fatigue can take you by surprise for days and sometimes weeks. Fortunately I have spent the last few weeks literally lying about and doing nothing so my body and mind are used to inertia.

Apparently it'll be 6 weeks of no bending or twisting so that scar tissue can form over the disc and thus, seal it. Also of course, I will have a small incision on my back which will need to heal. (No more bikinis for me then! Ha!) A few have expressed concern at the physical limitations but heck - I can't bend, twist or move much anyway so it will be an improvement, and of course.....


And then, as usual, there's the pile of half finished projects to attack:

- finish sewing the Star Wars themed cotton shorts for my 12 year old. (I am actually thinking of investing in a new sewing machine too, but first things first.)

- paint the cabinets in College boy's bathroom. I have found paint that you can put straight onto lacquered cabinets and it sticks! I even have the swatch selected with just the right Danish blue.

- continue filling in holes in the woodwork with my wood filler, then sand and re-paint.

- continue filling in dings in the wall, then probably get the painters in. (I know when I'm biting off too much.)

Oh yes, and I also have my annual sponsored walk in early May, to help my school in Ghana. Lots to do there so I need to get organized.

Anyway, see you on the other side when (hopefully) there'll be less of this -

and more of this -


  1. Best wishes to you for a really great outcome! You are a trouper.

    General anesthesia is indeed a blessing. ;-)

  2. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. I'm sure this surgery will be life changing for you - in a good way, of course.

  3. Thinking of you tomorrow and wishing you the very best. Don't try to jump about too early!
    You would have had to wait months for the surgery over here!
    Maggie x

  4. Thinking of you today - hope all goes well and recovery is swift: can't hold those Star Wars shorts off for long! X

  5. Hope that all goes well for you, sending good thoughts across the water! xx

  6. Good luck, lady! Give yourself time to heal...THEN do the jumping. xxoo

  7. Good luck with the op - hoping you make an amazing recovery and get back to bending, blogging and everything else very soon!

  8. Good luck. Thinking of you now, and hoping it's all over and went well.

  9. How did it go??? I'm hoping you are recovering well.

  10. Fingers crossed all went well and overcome with admiration at your jobs list which seems remarkably un-self centred - am sure mine post surgery would include novels I wanted to read and films I want to see rather than DIY projects, but should you ever want an overseas holiday feel free to come to Sydney as our household job list is remarkably similar - though have just had painters in as had visions of me crashing off ladder when attempting the chimney

  11. Hope you are having an easy recovery. Focus on resting...everything that needs to be done will still be waiting on you after you have recovered!


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