Monday, 16 May 2016

College Boy Re-entry

So it's end of the year for many college kids in the USA. (Colleges are not all on the same system so not everyone finishes at the same time.) The College Boy moved back on Saturday, and as usual, not without incident. 

His plans were to do a couple of car loads last week so that Saturday wouldn't be a royal pain. He was on the 15th floor of a large building with only two small elevators/lifts, so everyone moving out on the same day was looking like hell on earth. Unfortunately on the day we planned for me to swing by his dorm after my doctor's appointment, well, he forgot to get up. I texted him after my appointment with no reply. I then texted his name a couple of times, as you do. No reply. I then said "If I don't hear from you in the next 15 minutes I'm going home" which elicited the response that he'd just woken up and then "My bad". Like it would ever be my fault he overslept! 

We did manage to get one car load home mid-week but it still required a trip on Saturday. I was volunteering at the world's biggest garage/jumble sale and the Ball & Chain appeared to think he'd done enough so the plan was for College Boy to come home, collect my car and do the move himself. Sorted. 

Except for the fact that he phoned me from the El train to say he'd forgotten his key. "No problem" says I, "there's a lock thing in the front garden with a spare key in  it. Just punch these numbers and it'll open". Unfortunately the combo didn't appear to work so he had to come to school to get my key, then go to his dorm etc, etc. Which left me without a key, so I then had to text the B&C to find out when he would be home. And so it went on. 

Hours later and after much fiddling, we finally found the correct combo for the lock thing and I remembered that the 12 year old had been so worried about it being hack-able that we changed the combo. Only I forgot that bit. So the one time we've ever had to use the emergency spare key, it failed us. Or rather, my memory failed us. Pah!

Anyway, we're on Day Two of College Boy re-entry and so far my conversations with him have started with - 

Where are my car keys?
Please move that box from the living room. 
That amp cannot stay on the dining room table. 

My hallway.

Keep smiling.  


  1. Hmmm....ours returns in just a couple of days. But since he's in NYC and we're here in the UK, we have been blissfully uninvolved in the moving-out process (my cousin and his wife came to collect him and are storing his things for the summer at their home in NJ.) I do envy you having him close enough to just 'stop by' and pick some things up. Sigh.

  2. In theory, it would have been great......... He has been back once already for something he forgot and he remembered last night that he left his driving license (??) there which they are now holding at the front desk, so he has to go back. Sigh.

  3. So funny. Ours got out last Friday (really early compared to his friends who are mid June!) and he took six days to get back on a road trip of more than 2000 miles. It was actually the mostly stressful six days, worrying about accidents. I was texting him all the time, when normally I am not a hovering mother, but they arrived back safely, having been up to Canada nearly and back and very proud of themselves

  4. What a palaver and how annoying about changing the combination!
    We pick ours up in June and will be helping him out stuff in storage as he is probably moving to Bristol in August for a year!

    1. Is he switching? He can't be finished already?

    2. It's complicated! He is finishing his second year now but his girlfriend (on a four year economics course) has a year's internship in Bristol from September. So the idea they have is that they will get a flat together in Bristol and Rory will commute by train for his lectures in Exeter!!!


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