Friday, 27 May 2016

Trump - it's happened!

So yeah - it appears that the Donald has gained enough wins (to simplify a sometimes complicated process) to be the Republican candidate for the White House. I know.

I mean, where to start.

1. This is the guy who mocks other people's appearance. When Carly Fiorina was also running for the Repub nom, he said "Look at that face. .... Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next President/" Apparently he doesn't possess a mirror. He also took aim at another opponent's wife, posting a fairly unflattering photo of her on Twitter and comparing her to his make-up caked ex-stripper model wife.

This was after threatening to "spill the beans" about her. The guy with no past. 

2. He has advanced though the Republican nomination process with the strategy of a schoolyard bully. Giving nicknames to each of his rivals. most of which could just as easily have been applied to him. 

Lyin' Ted (Cruz) - from the guy who makes things up on the spot and is currently telling everyone he can't release his tax returns because he's under audit (inspection) - even though the Inland Revenue Service is saying he can. (And why, one might ask, is he audited every year?) 

Little Marco (Rubio) - from the guy who went berserk about past suggestions that he had short hands. Seriously, they even argued about it in a live, televised debate. And of course, he had to make the leap that not only were his hands not small, but other parts of his anatomy....... You get the picture. 

Goofy Elizabeth (Warren) - who is not actually running in this election, but is a highly respected Democratic Senator and Law Professor. She is rattling him big time at the moment and this is the best he can come up with - Goofy. Because that's what bullies call people who are practically in their own league intellectually. Perhaps it's because she specializes in bankruptcy law and is probably going to unload on him about that soon. (He is also calling her Pocahontas, because she apparently has native American heritage.)

Crooked Hillary (Clinton) - this from the man who is about to be sued for "deceptive business practices" over his fraudulent Trump University, and the man who claims (and does) to pay as little taxes as possible. In fact, in past years, despite being a billionaire, he has paid zero (as in NO) federal taxes. And he still has to come up with any evidence of her being crooked. 

3. Says he's a "unifier" but has managed to insult every group of people in this country except, of course, old white geezers like himself. Mexicans? They're rapist and drug dealers, on the whole. Woman? He has referred to them as "pieces of ass". Muslims? Not allowing them into the country (including those who live here) until we "figure out what's going on" - which, if Trumps gets into the White House, could be a very long time. Native Americans? He has called the St. Regis Mohawk tribe "violent criminals", but according to Trump "I wasn't knocking the Mohawks; I was knocking their record". Oh well then.

I could go on but here's a list of the names he has called people during his campaign. His fave insults are really grown up words like "loser" and "terrible". 

Yes folks, is it any wonder the world is both laughing and weeping? 


  1. I feel it's really scary, once we've all stopped laughing.
    Maggie x

  2. God - there are no words. Best of luck, Toni! x

  3. I'm horrified, ashamed and very sad that people (friends!) agree with him.

    1. Problem is Pam, I've never actually heard a Trump fan say what they agree with (other than illegals). He talks about himself most of the time, so people have no idea what his policies are. They say "He means what he says" etc. but have no idea what he's saying.

  4. The man's an absolute master of 8-year-olds' vocabulary. It probably resonates well with his supporters. :-P

  5. The man's an absolute master of 8-year-olds' vocabulary. It probably resonates well with his supporters. :-P


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