Sunday, 28 August 2016

UK Trends - Black Pudding Makes a Comeback

To the horror of many (usually in the South of England and all over the USA) I was brought up with Black Pudding. It's almost better not to ask what's in it, but basically it's pig's blood and other stuff. I wrote about it a few years ago at the BBC America web site

It has an "earthy" taste to say the least, and is what one would say an "acquired taste". It was also largely a breakfast staple, and sometimes supper. In parts of the northwest of England by the way, black pudding is more of a delicacy; I even attended a great friend's wedding where the starter/appetizer was a delicious black pudding dish. 

Part of the "full English" breakfast.

And now it's gone all gourmet. 

This summer in England and Scotland where I visited, black pudding Scotch Eggs were on every menu. And they were delicious, although rich so you can't eat as many as you would a regular Scotch Egg, which contains regular sausage meat.

A bit like jellied eels enjoying a somewhat elevated status in London street markets these days (and there's an acquired taste if ever I saw one), the humble black pudding is no longer the staple of miners and shipyard workers. In fact, it was featured in many different formats - 

Such as Black Pudding Bruschetta - 

Or in a tart with goats cheese - 

Or perhaps in a salad with Bulgar wheat - 

Now I just have to find it in the US. Anyone? 


  1. I too noticed the black pudding renaissance on pur summer trip! Had a bacon and black pudding butty for breakfast today! Jolly delicious it was too! I order online from Parker's located in Buffalo NY.

    1. I can get black pudding in Chicago so I suppose I should really try to make my own Scotch egg with it. Will report back.

  2. I didn't realise it was a particularly Northern thing. I grew up eating it in Kent, so I assume my father had grown up eating it and he came from Barking (London area). My mother is a relocated Brummie, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't her idea to eat black pudding as she won't even eat normal English sausages. It's all a moot point: I no longer eat meat, so my English breakfasts are less than full nowadays. Filling, but not full.

  3. There's apparently a place in Atlanta that's selling black pudding, and man do I want some. I miss the stuff. I feel like the Southerners here would crawl over each other for it, if they could just look past the blood bit.


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