Friday, 14 October 2016

And now there's no bloody Marmite...............

So it's been a bit chaotic on this side of the Pond, and I'm not just talking about politics. 

The disc I had operated on in April has only gone and herniated on the other side! I know! So now I'm back to where I was with pain and restricted mobility. To say I am disappointed is putting it mildly but my doctor says not to assume the same things will happen this time. Like not finding anything to take the pain away or calm the sciatic nerve down. Ugh. So far I have had a 6 day course of steroid tablets which did bugger all. Grrr..

And then yes, there's Trump. We just can't get away from him but at least it's becoming slightly comical. Apart from the bit where he said he can basically do anything he wants to women and get away with it because he's a star. Can you believe that people seriously think he's fit to represent the country? The things his supporters are coming out with to justify their loyalty are pretty ridiculous. "What about Bill Clinton." (Newsflash- he's not running for President.) "It's 11 years ago, It doesn't matter." (So, neither does Bill's history.) "Hillary attacked the women who accused Bill". (And Trump is doing exactly the same to his accusers). 

So exhausting. 

But the very worst thing this week? A Marmite shortage. Are you kidding me? It's hard enough to get the stuff over here! Because of the drop in value of the British pound (thanks Brexit), Unilever (the maker of Marmite) wants to charge Tesco supermarket chain an extra 10% to make up for the loss. And Tesco has refused! The chain has pulled a number of Unilever products from its shelves, including PG Tips tea and Persil washing powder.

Side note - they are now selling Persil powder here in the States, and they put the emphasis on the second syllable. You can hear it on this video clip. Interestingly, the article lists the many ways Persil was re-packaged and re-branded for the States but fails to mention the pronunciation. Frustrating! 

Back to Marmite, or the looming lack thereof. If you're on Twitter, look at the hashtag #Marmitegate for some hilarious tweets. The BBC web site has done a nice job of rounding some of them up too. 

I think my fave was this one though - 

Marmite - love it or hate it? You can't be on the fence. 


  1. P'seel. Yes, it's annoying.

    Of course it means "parsely" in French. (And Colgate means "hang yourself" in Spanish, I'm told.)

    I love Marmite, but none of my kids like it at all. Marmite and toast was the first food we were given as children when we were recovering from a tummy bug ("nibble it, tiny pieces"), so it always tasted good. And hot Ribena if we had a cold or sore throat.

  2. That tweet is hilarious! As is the rest of your post, obviously, but really, really, REALLY love that tweet...

  3. I am very much on the fence although if I never had to eat it again it would be no big deal :)

  4. Why do you suggest there's a shortage of Marmite?

    1. Because the shelves are all empty. It's a national emergency.

  5. Now the you guys know how we felt when we nearly lost Twinkies.

    1. Ugh - there's just no comparison. Marmite doesn't give you a heart attack! Well, it might if you really, really don't like it.

  6. I love Marmite!
    Don't worry, Unilever backed off asking for 10% more money. (for now anyway.)
    Just to make sure, I went out & bought a big jar of the stuff. Might last me forever!
    The pound continues to fall and we're starting to feel inflation setting in and we haven't even left EU yet.
    Oh what times we're living in........
    Maggie x

  7. Oh yes, Marmite. It's sold in my local supermarket but I hardly ever buy it cos it takes me so long to get through a whole jar. Both sons when they were growing up had to leave the room when I took the lid off. I have tried sneaking it onto grandchildren's toast but it just doesnt work. But I love it!

  8. Enjoyed your latest Huff Post article.


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