Thursday, 2 February 2017

Little Care Packages

As you know, I don't normally review stuff on the blog. With what's usually going on in my life, or in the USA (cough, cough) I have enough material to blog every day if I wasn't the lazy old bag that I am!
Once in a while I make an exception and here's something I thought worth investigating further.

The Little Care Package - "Fun and yummy care packages delivered to the USA and Canada". Given that my local Brit store closed up shop last year, I am a bit desperate these days. I was sent a care package (otherwise known as a box full of goodies) to review* (after much slobbering and gleeful consumption, obviously), so here it is.

My package contained -
Yup - all the wins! Galaxy, Fudge, Curly Wurly, etc. Yum. 
Had to backhand my 13 y/o several times!

Jaffa Cakes (which I will have to hide) and shortbread.

Monster Munch and Flying Saucers (which I haven't had for yonks!)
13 y/o took the Flying Saucers to school to shock his friends!

Yorkshire pudding mix (yay) and a lovely Jane Asher oven mitt. 

A lovely cloth shopping bag with London-y things on. There was also a little London bus and an OK magazine. (Talk about having been away a long time - I didn't know anyone in it!) 

Here's how it works - You can register for a monthly subscription at $39usd. This charges every month but can be cancelled at anytime. (So, if you only want one care package, just cancel your subscription.) Or you can register for a 3 month subscription which charges once at $108usd and you or some lucky person, receives a package every month for 3 months. Packages can also be marked as a gift and sent to someone else, which I think is a great idea. Brits in the UK can send them as presents if they have friends and loved ones in the UK or Canada. (They are expanding to other countries in the future too.)

The company is offering my readers and followers (that's you, my little lovelies) 10% off your subscriptions by using the code 'chicago'. This works for a monthly subscription or for the three month one, making it an even better deal! Valid until the end of February.

All the goods are packaged from England, so none of the dodgy "pretend" British stuff we often find in the shops over here. (You know what I'm talking about.)

Have a poke around the web site! There's an FAQ section which can answer any questions you might have.
Now off for a little chomp on something. 

*The Little Care Package company invited me to review a sample of their wares, which I received for free!


  1. What a fun thing! There's a subscription service for everything these days.

  2. I wonder if there is something like this for us Yanks in Blighty. The last thing I had a craving for was French Burnt Peanuts and I see I can order a 2oz bag (US retail $0.89) for £41.83 ($52.45). Surely someone can to better than that.

    1. A new career for you perhaps? (I'm sure there is though.)

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