Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Back to Blighty - There are no Stupid Questions

So we've been back in the UK for about 6 weeks now. Where did the time go? Most of our "stuff" arrived in under a month which is a bit different from the 8 week estimate we were given. We had rented furniture to tide us over so the early arrival meant that many rooms had two of everything.  

Meanwhile, I have been noticing a few things that have changed since I've been gone, which gives rise to a few questions on my part. I've written about it here at the Huffington Post. My philosophy is that if I don't ask, I risk making a complete boob of myself so - pick one. I have noticed that no one leaps on this great opportunity to make fun of me either. In fact, if anything, people are falling over themselves to give me advice and recommendations.

Much appreciated. 


  1. I definitely know that Freepost is free.
    Not sure about a dingle. Will be interested to know what that is!
    Glad your furniture and stuff arrived safe and sound..... even if it meant you have temporarily got two of everything.
    Maggie x

    1. Dongle Maggie! (Sounds even worse). It's something that you stick into the side of your laptop that gives you Internet access.

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  3. I don't recognize half the celebrities either! And I've been back four years. I think it's (sadly) a sign of both age and not having enough time to watch every single reality show.


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