Sunday, January 27, 2008

So far so good

So I thought I would review this blogging thing since I've been doing it for a few weeks now. My good friend Drunk Mummy (whom alas, I can't seem to persuade to take up the pen again, but will keep working on it) told me last year that blogging isn't just about writing whatever you want, whenever you want. I must say though, I've had a great time reading some brilliant blogs - and of course, because I can't keep my mouth shut, added my ten cents/penneth worth on a few. That, of course, means that I have to eat less and spend an extra hour a week on the treadmill, but as they say, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Certainly doesn't appear to make that much difference to my waistline though.
Anyway, (or anyhoo as they sometimes say here), I intend to add "My Fave Blogs" to my blog page once I get the hang of all of this. In the meantime, keep reading, blogging and keep warm if you're up in this neck of the woods.


  1. Lovely friend, Indeed I have begged Drunk Mummy many times myself - in person even. Lets go round to her house and superglue her fingers to a keyboard?

    DM x

  2. expatmum, I didn't realize till now that you were a new blogger like myself. Have read all your posts to date & really like your style. I spend far too long blogging. I used to be healthy. You often pip me to the post with subject matter!
    I also cannot do much without the help of my son, Sam! He says, "Surely you have learnt how to do that by now!" Slow learner!

  3. >>>>
    . . . blogging isn't just about writing whatever you want, whenever you want.

    Wow! I've been at this for years and no one ever told me that. You mean I've been doing it wrong all this time?

  4. Hi, I have really enjoyed reading your blog and shall certainly visit regularly.

    Weather here in Limoges, France is cold, frosty, very sunny with forecast of snow at the end of the week
    Debra :-)

  5. Dulwich mum - Apparently even 20+ years of wasailling with Drunk Mummy doesn't give me enough clout to get her back to her blog. Perhaps a guest blog here from time to time.
    Maggie-I have decided to limit myself each day - although I haven't quite fixed the amount of time yet!
    MikeH - unless you've found the secret, I tend to spend more time reading other blogs than actually putting pen to paper myself!
    Debra- I can say, with some joy, that we are heading up over freezing today in Chicago, which will put a smile on everyone's face. I didn't even go out yesterday so had better breathe some freshh-ish air today.

  6. Good day and greatings from the West coast. I noted that you have Laurie Notaro's website listed - LOVE HER!

    Enjoyed your blog and will visit again!

  7. Thank you Mrs. Annie - and let's spread the word about Laurie Notaro. The original chick lit author.

  8. You know, I started blogging just before the time Drunk Mummy stopped - and I still check in on her from time to time just in case she starts again. It would be great if you could persuade her to up tools again...

    And glad you're enjoying the experience. Personally, I think it's worth the extra time on the treadmill... (Your blog, that is!)

  9. Did I really say that? Was I drunk at the time?

  10. Well at least I can get her to comment from time to time - and I was paraphrasing DM!

  11. a few weeks and still at it -- a good sign:)
    As an expat just returned to Britannia myself, I think I might need to buy your book so I can remind myself how to behave over here without drawing attention to my crass yankified ways!

    btw thanks for the Balmy England post -- reminds me to stop pissing and moaning about the rain. (I was in Michigan for 15 yrs)

  12. Hi gingajoy,
    Yes, when faced with the lashing rain in the UK just remember how gorgeous your garden will be. Here, we basically assume everything but the hardiest boring hostas will not make it through the winter.

  13. And here's a real welcome to the blogosphere: tag, you're it. (Check my blog for details...).

  14. If bloggings not about writing what and when you want then I'm all wrong! Just read your sock post - too funny, hung up washing this morning to find only one sock missing, when cleaning bathroom this evening found missing sock rolled in a ball behind the toilet!! I always put the odd socks in the drawer and sure enough, once the tidying and the next washing has been done, missing sock appears. x

  15. Wind - one sock! Chuffing!
    Grave and serious visage -
    But please bloggers - don't you find that reading and replying to bloggers is HUGE. People need to know this before they enter unto the blog-world- otherwise we are going to see Bloggers Anonymous soon. I envisage documentaries about bloggers who have grown plank-like hips (which is how mine feel) just blogging all day.
    My motto, which I find in the States I have to repeat every day is "Moderation in everything". :- - including "fries with that?"


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