Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Random, and possibly too much, information

I have been tagged by Gone Back South and Family Affairs concurrently - which really hurts if they get you on the back of the legs, by the way! The task is to reveal 6 random facts about myself. Since, like many bloggers, I don't mind talking about myself, here they are, in no particular order. Any names are purely deliberate and meant to indict.

1. Every Tuesday morning I, along with four other school mothers, sort through donated items, in preparation for the world's largest jumble/rummage sale in May. The proceeds go to the school's scholarship fund, and last year we raised $50,000. Not bad eh?

2. When I was 17 I fell down a manhole, and found myself up to my armpits in filthy, freezing cold water. The tragic part is that I was trying to save my mother. We were walking in deep, but melting snow; I pointed out a manhole, in a large puddle by the side of the road, dutifully trying to save her from a dangerous fall. It escaped me that this was actually the manhole lid, which had floated off at least three feet. I was on target for the manhole and dutifully walked straight down it. Since these were the days before computers, my entire A level English work-to-date was in my bag, written out long-hand in ink. I managed to fling the bag to my mother, who had fortunately made it safely to the pavement/sidewalk. I know what you're thinking. What was my frantic mother doing to save her first born? I can tell you with some pain that she was of no use whatsoever, being bent double with laughter. There were tears running down her face. I assume that this mirth came only after she saw that I was in fact safe, but injury was added to this great insult when, a few years ago, she confessed that she could only "vaguely remember" the whole incident. I'll ger her back when she's relegated to a walker though!

3. I have letters after my name, which usually cause surprise then confusion in people on first discovery. The letters are LLB (Hons) and MSOD. Answers on a postcard please.

4. I have just booked a family holiday for a week in April in Key Biscayne, Miami. Near South Beach, but not as noisy. My mother is flying over from England to join us. The house we are renting is near the beach and has a pool so I am going to take floaty clothes and pretend I am in a TV ad.

5. A few years ago I went to my neighbours' house party. As I entered, the hostess said "Have you heard of Princess Michael of Kent?" When I said "yes", she got hold of my elbow, and dragged me into the living room saying "Good, you can come and talk to her. She's in here". Not being much of a royalist, I quickly insisted "I'm not curtseying", but I had a fairly long chat with her. She was very pleasant, very tall and very pretty.

6. I can touch my nose with my tongue, with no assistance from anything or anyone.


  1. What was Princess Michael of Kent doing at a house party?!

  2. You never know who you're going to meet at a house party over here!

  3. Is it that your tongue is very long, or is your nose very low down? Anyway thanks for playing - it's fun to read even more random stuff about people!

  4. Gosh - I have to address these.
    - Princess M of K seemed to be at a loose end. She was on her book tour a few years ago and landed in Chicago. She seemed to be travelling completely alone and contacted a very distant cousin of hers (an ex-German prince) who is now in banking in Chicago. He worked with my neighbour so brought her along. I don't mix with ex-royalty on the whole, but obviously live across the street from people who do. As, expatkat says, you never know who you're going to meet here.
    GBS - I think I must have a bit of a Gene Simmons tongue, (although I don't make a habit of sticking it out) but the gap between my gob and my nose is quite small which makes the whole thing easier. I was going to take a photo but thought better of it. With meeting royalty and all, you never know where that might end. Could ruin my daughter's chances of marrying Harry, even though she's only 15!

  5. My sister can do that tongue/nose thing.

    MSOD? Master of Some Obscure Discipline

  6. I'm sorry I know I shouldn't laugh but the manhole got me, that's my sort of luck. Princess Michael of Kent - name dropper. I was always amused by her name, Princess Michael, as a child, I didn't get it!

  7. Well done Iota, that's about what the letters mean. (Masters of Science (ha!) in Organization Development.
    SLTW - yes, "Northern lass meets Princess" sums it up really!

  8. Your tag passed down to me through Bellamocha. So I thought it would be fun to trace it back and see what people had to say. I hope you get a chance to see my answers too.

  9. All very interesting - hope you didn't mind being tagged - thanks for your recent comments btw xx

  10. FA - I never mind being tagged - it gives me something to write about. I was having a bit of a brain freeze earlier this week, but one of my answers provoked my next post. I think I am addicted to writing!


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