Thursday, March 13, 2008

These are a few of my unusual things...

Maggie May tagged me during a recent, deadly bout of illness. Well, obviously not deadly, but I was on the brink I tell you. Anyway, it gave me time to think about 7 unusual things about me. I can always come up with idiotic or embarrassing things, but unusual stretches one a bit.

1. I've mentioned it before, but I think it bears repeating becasue I'm the only person I know who can - touch their nose with their tongue. (Small space between mouth and nose, before you ask.)

2. About ten years ago exactly, I cut a CD. Not for commerical reasons, but as a school fund-raising effort along with about ten other parents. Nevertheless, it was in a real, state-of-the-art recording studio and was a blast, as they say. I am a passable singer, but if anyone wobbled off-key at all, the sound recordist could correct the tone on a computer. Brilliant. Wonder if I could wheel hubby along before major singing embarrassments like weddings? Perhaps they now have a chip we could put in his top pocket (or his head for a longer-lasting effect) that would make his voice sound bearable?

3. Having studied dance from 5-17 years of age, I prefer not to think of the torture of ballet (complete with pointe shoes) but still enjoy the odd tap routine. I was actually in the middle of a rousing adult tap course five years ago when I had to stop everything and go on bed rest. Obviously, I have had zero time since then to do very much for pure pleasure, but given enough of the Pinot nectar and a good linoleum kitchen floor I can still be persuaded to demonstrate my time step.

4. My dentist takes my molar x-rays to dental conferences. (I am actually convinced he is making big bucks off this and not cutting me in on the deal!) Years ago, I had a dying nerve in the huge molar on the bottom left. (That's a technical term.) An x-ray showed it had three roots and five nerves, which of course meant a prolonged root canal experience. (The other one has the same). With my British teeth I have spent a lot of "correction" time in my American dentist's chair, and have discovered more teeth on the top right with extra nerves. Apparently it could be genetic but, despite our similar upbringing, my siblings seem to have perfect teeth and rarely a need for x-rays.

- Three more. Oy.

5. Our kids go to a school in Chicago which goes from JK (Reception) to Senior (which I would call Upper Sixth) - or age 4-18. Fabulous given that we live two blocks away. I think we are the only family at the moment with a child in each school - JK, (Lower school), 6th grade (middle school) and 9th grade (High school). That means at the beginning of the year, we have to go to three times all of the "Welcome meetings", and I get called on for all sorts of voluteering things because "I know the school so well". But no, we don't get a volume discount towards the school fees.

6. My maiden initials and surname were A.M. Summers. I first became aware of the Ann Summers chain of sex shops when I ventured south to university. People used to make a huge fuss whenever I signed a cheque/check as my signature looked like Ann Summers. Since I had never heard of the shops, I would sweetly reply, "Oh no, that's my sister", because her name really was Ann Summers!

7. I am one of the 0.01% who managed to have a baby some time after hubby underwent a certain procedure.

(Nothing like finishing with a flourish!)


  1. OMG - apologies to anyone who clicked on the previous link to Maggie May. (It's now the correct one.) It took you to a most inappropriate blog! Thank goodness I ckecked it.

  2. Aw shucks! I missed that link! Never mind. :-/

    Interesting things about you! I wonder, if you were still in England, would you need all those x rays and things? I mean, the NHS doesn't stretch to curiosities does it? Just a thought... :0)

  3. Re. point 7, I'm not sure whether to say "oh dear" or "congratulations!" I'll stick to the latter I think :-)

  4. Wow, that point 7 is really impressive x

  5. I have always been a bit wary about mentioning it all because some day, well, he will be able to read. However, it has really been a "learning experience" to quote my American friends, and he is bloody hilarious. I am however, knackered. As I write, I am running a bath for him. I may get him into bed by 7.30pm after which I have to attempt to help my oldest with high school math(s) - in the form of quadratic equations. Remember those really long algebra problems? No, neither do I?

  6. Well now I know someone else who can touch their nose with their tongue too....LOL! Maybe it's a Brit thing?!

  7. Well... er... unusual. Yes :)

  8. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog too :-)

    LOL at The Jungle Book..I love this movie too, it's right up there with Grease and The Sound of Music for me!

    As to Oklahoma - yeh who'd have thunk! I couldn't go and meet the love of my life online and him be from NYC now could I!!

  9. And now that ALL has been revealed there remains no need for those pesky curtains, blinds, or shutters. Let the sunshine in! [smile]

  10. Well I'd like to know where this inappropriate blog was & what I would have been linked with! Phew close shave, that!
    Sorry you were ill when I tagged you. I found your 7 things MOST interesting especially number 7! Couldn't you sue somebody?

  11. I loved these.

    I obviously made a bit of a mistake, some years ago, when I threw out the wisdom teeth that had been extracted. I'm sure a couple of them had 3 roots - I could have made some money out of them maybe.

    "That's my sister" is such a good line, especially as it was true, so you could have your own private chuckle.

  12. john-michael, welcome - your comment gave me a bit of a turn as I had just been looking at my windows, thinking how scruffy they are and how the sun is making them look even worse!
    Maggie - I typed nutsinmay as the blog address instead of granniemay. Try it but you have been warned.
    I thought about sueing because of the extra expense involved, (not to mention the bed rest and c-section) but I would have received more money if I'd broken my ankle on the street!
    iota - in addition, I have a wisdon tooth on the top left that is fully through and my dentist couldn't get it out. I am leaving it alone right now, but if it needs attention, he is referring me to a surgeon. Doubtless it will then appear in the Guiness Book of records!

  13. Thank you for sharing with us.
    No. 6 is great, but No. 7, quite a shocker!

  14. WEll I have just been tagged to do this one but there is no way I can compete with your number 7.

  15. I am one of the 0.01% who managed to have a baby some time after hubby underwent a certain procedure......NO WAY!!!

    Hey is it just me or do you hate it when you ask an American how old their child is and they always reply what grade they're in!!! If I wanted to know their grade I would have asked it but I asked their age damn it!!!


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