Monday, April 28, 2008

Totally Vindicated

I just have to share this as it made my day. Two posts ago I mentioned that one of the vows I made the ball and chain renew was to measure accurately before venturing near the DIY/hardware store.
Yesterday he ventured, and when my mother asked my 12 year old son why he hadn't gone with him, 12 year old (without any prompting from me) replied, "Oh he always has to go back, so I'll catch him on the 2nd trip!!!" Ha!

Anyway friends, my mother is with us till Wednesday night and we still have to squeeze in the Art Institute some time before she leaves. Then I am off on a girls' trip to Montreal this Thursday, - till Monday. Yahoooo! Of course, sometimes I wonder if it's worth it as I am killing myself with all the preparation.

- Little one has a party to go to on Sunday, so I have bought and wrapped the presents already.

-I also have to book him into the extended day program for Thursday and Friday, remember to tell his teacher and remember to tell the B&C to pack him a lunch both days.

- water all the plants as no one else will even look at them

- leave money for the cleaner, in an envelope so no one else "accidentally" picks it up

- place an online order with the supermarket to be delivered when I'm not here so that no one starves

- make sure everyone knows where their favourite jeans are

- launder and place in a very obvious spot any sports attire needed for the weekend

- remove all clothing from little one's closet that is too small, as B&C is sure to send him to school in trousers that are three inches above his ankles. I should really just lay out a few outfits ready to wear, but that's taking being organized a bit too far

- book people to come in and replace the ceiling that was removed to find the leak from my shower (leak now apparently mended)

- book an appointment with an oral surgeon for when I get back as my top left fully impacted wisdom tooth seems to have moved and I'm in the kind of pain that makes me very cranky indeed. I don't have time to have it seen to this week. I can hardly open my mouth, which is not a bad thing as it means I can't eat a lot. Perhaps I'll lose a few pounds?

And of course, since I'm meeting four ex-workmates from London, I will have to start practising sarcasm, self-deprecation and drinking excessive amounts of Pinot Grigio. What a bore!


  1. LOL can so relate, but shouldn't we just let them cope so they realise how valuable we are (or not ?) Anyway have fun in Montreal - very envious of that :)

  2. Wish I was there. Sounds like you'll have a blast (once you get past all the prep ofcourse!) Have fun!

  3. Yay for bitching and sarcasm and drinking.

    Have a fabulous time.

  4. Yeah how come we have to do all this prep for a few days away or even a night out? I don't see the fellas doing it! We went wrong somewhere...

    Hope you have a great time. Well deserved.

  5. A lot of prep, EPM - but SO worth it!

  6. Yes, I do agree that I should take off and leave them all to it, and I probably could with the older two. It's just the thought of my 4 year old wandering round looking like an orphan that bothers me.
    The ball and chain is well capable of taking care of them and even cooks them proper meals. In fact, on the few occasions I have done this in the past, he has gone beserk and not only done all the laundry, but fertilized the garden, changed all the light bulbs, restained the deck and taken them all out cycling. Just showing off in my opinion.

  7. oh but it so is worth all the prep. Picture it now, as soon as you are half way down your pinot grigio, you've finished squealing with pleasure and hugging with excitement, you'll realise that you're still grinning...and it will be very worth it indeed. Have a fab time!

  8. Too funny you should mention practice sarcasm...I am writing a blog post for the future on this today...I swear I'm losing the ability!

    Sounds like you have it all covered Ms Organisation ;-)

  9. The practicing sarcasm and self-depreciation bit got me going, "ooohh yeeeaaaahh!" I totally forget about it until I land in the UK. It takes a day or so to get the old cogs working and then off I go, in full self-depreciating swing, getting as much in as possible while I can!

    Hope the prep is going well!

  10. well if you WILL insist on daring to factor in enjoying yourself ...

  11. Have a great time (sniff!), the rest of us will just stay quiently at h-o-m-e...(sob)

  12. Have been catching up on your life, and now see that you're off for a well-deserved break. I know the preparation is killing, and, guess what, you'll miss them too!
    Have a great time. M xx
    PS. I didn't realise just how different it is across the Pond!

  13. Ah your preparations for leaving strike a cord. Although your husband sounds a bit of a star (or perhaps just wildly competitive?) Hope you have a good time.


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