Thursday, June 19, 2008

Car rant

If there's one thing that can reduce me to tears of absolute rage and frustration it's stupid cars. This week has seen me as near to road rage as possible with all the driving I've had to do. Five year old is going to theatre camp, (thus encouraging his over-dramatic side) south of us, and the older two are doing a teen cooking camp about half an hour north (natch). For the past few days I have been dropping little one off, driving like a maniac to get the older two there on time, squeezing some errand or other into the half hour in between going back for the little one then back again for the older two. (Two hours in the car total.)

This morning I was luxuriating in the fact that the Ball & Chain (back from England)was able to drop little one off on the way to work. Him and baby boy climbed into his car, while me and older two got into mine. B&C pulled out, and I started my car. Click, whirr. Nothing. Now years of the kids leaving lights on, doors open etc. has taught me to recognise the sound of a car not about to start any time soon. I jumped out of the car and went running after B&C, arms waving frantically. Years of training made him back up immediately. No time to figure out what was wrong with my car; we all clambered into one car and began the long drop-off process. (Why I went along I don't know. At that point I must have been carrying the guilt for whatever had happened to flatten the battery.)

An hour later we sat in the car trying to figure out what was wrong, when hubby noticed a button with a picture of a key -and a flashing light. Got the manual out and apparently it was the anti-theft device/car immobiliser. It certainly didn't look like anyone had forced entry into the garage and tried to steal my car, so I phoned my local dealer to speak to someone who knew about these things. Something seems to have de-magnetized the key (I think he said.) Apparently I could try using another key (didn't work), if unsuccessful, the car will have to be towed and re-programmed. I cannot believe that since it's the signals coming from the remote control, the whole bloody buggery car has to be taken in. I need it.

And this is the "typical" part - the B&C is taking older two to NY this weekend, (this afternoon, in fact) and was planning to drive to and from the airport. Now we have to change plans, get my car towed, get them to the airport, etc.etc.

Of course I was bitching and moaning, then came out with a classic. "Why do these things always happen when you need to go somewhere?". Then of course it occurred to me that you wouldn't be sitting in your car trying to start it if you didn't need to go anywhere!


  1. Yeah there's a lot to be said for only going places you can walk to. I'm always having car aggro, and I come out in a rash now every time I have to speak to a mechanic.
    p.s. Loved your comment on my blog!!!

  2. Cars are sent by a malevolent deity to try to send us over the edge of question. We have a car we can only drive if it's very sunny and providing we have remembered to charge it up before driving. Insane. As sounds your journey between camps....aaaghhh. You have my deepest sympathy. Now I live in a town I never drive unless I absolutely have to (hence never buy clothes, dog has no food - living on out of date spelt pasta right now, etc etc).....

  3. I have been known to say such obvious things. Once a work colleague found it too much and simply replied : No shxt, Sherlock. How rude (but very funny...)

  4. A funny story..sorry, I couldn't help but stifle a smile! I hope it got sorted out in the end.
    I miss having a car...big time. We're still relying on the in-law's other car...they don't use it so it makes sense right now, but I can't wait until I have my own.
    Bella :)

  5. don't start me on cars. you have my eternal sympathy. i know that click whirr well. its amongst the most disappointing noises in the world. x

  6. It is such an inconvenience and leads to the most amount of awful language in such a short space of time. I feel for you. x

  7. So yesterday I graciously told the Ball & Chain to take his car to the airport. "I can walk to everything, including Children's Memorial Hospital," I added.
    This morning the little one and I walked the five blocks to his theatre camp, under ever-blackening clouds. The forecast is 85 Farenheit and thunderstorms.
    I don't so much mind the rain (hell, I'm English) but the lightening tends to be a bit scary. Definitely not umbrella weather!

  8. Huge amount of sympathy to you. The driving situation is a bugger at the best of times, but the car breaking down is the law of sod in full flow. I'm so sorry. I know just how you feel.
    In England we had a Ford Mondeo Estate (don't all salesmen!) One day we went to get into it only to find that every time we tried to open the door, the thing flashed all its lights and horns at us. It had disabled itself on our drive! When we called the dealership they said they'd have to tow us home. It was embarrassing to tell them that we were home!

  9. That was me! AND it was facing in the wrong direction. As if we park our cars so that it makes for easy towing. Living in the city, we have skinny alleys, so the tow guy nearly had a heart attack trying to roll the thing out. I tried to help, but he just waived me off even though I probably don't weight much less than him.
    He was about 13 years my junior though and very taut...

  10. It won't be long before your older two will want to have cars as well! What a nightmare...x

  11. Cars are the work of the devil. You hate them when they work for making you feel guilty and you hate them when they don't for ruining your life. Perhaps a bike? No, I know, silly idea.


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