Friday, November 21, 2008

What in tarnation is this?

OK, a little brain teaser for the weekend. The title itself might give you a clue, and I think Brit Gal Sarah might have to excuse herself here. There may already be one in her vehicle. Pronounced vee-hickle, by the way.

Anyway, I was flicking through one of the 23 catalog(ue)s that came through the door today and saw this. Only in America; and only in parts of America at that.

See if you can guess.

No prizes yet again. Blame the postage costs.
Answer in the next post.
Oh what a tease!


  1. Is it a designated buffer zone between the kids? .between the kids and the parents?..... it looks weird but I kinda want one :)

  2. My guess would be it's a device on which you hang your blazer or blouse whilst driving to avoid wrinkles. Just a guess.

  3. having just been to Amsterdam all week I daren't reply.
    Things are pretty risque over there

  4. Ah, now looking closely, it appears to go on the back of the front seats headrest, so my guess is, it's for the rear passengers to rest their forehead on when they

    a) fall asleep on the roadtrip and need the fluff to catch thier drool
    b)rest their exasperated foreheads when the game of 'I Spy..' gets too much or the conversation and map-reading too stressful.

    If I am right, and it could be used for (b), then I NEED one. If they make it so it fits onto the passenger dashboard even better! Any kind of roadtrip always causes the directions-fireworks-of death-to-marriage to fly between us.

    Alternatively, i could use it to buff my shoes before I put my foot in my mouth about his driving skills!

  5. that, my friend, is a doohickey.
    every car should have one....
    they are invaluable on long journeys.
    they enhance the back seat experience when scenery becomes repetitive.
    they soothe whiny children who have just finished watching their latest dvd while digesting their fast food.
    they are invaluable to.....
    in other words.
    i have no clue.
    and now i have to wait till tomorrow.

  6. OK..... I have sat staring at it long enough!
    It is....... er..... something for your face to fling into safely if there was an accident. Like an air bag.

    I'm thinking of the title now...... a clue in the word tarnish. So it must really be for buffing up glasses?

  7. I think it has a dual function; firstly as a comforter for small children to stroke when they get whiny and sleepy on long car journeys and secondly to mop up the blood of older children when they fight on long car journeys. Am I right?

  8. I have no idea, I am guessing that I may not need it, as I have no idea what it is........

    Gill in Canada

  9. A hat rest?

    Sorry, that would be sensible.

    Surely it's a forehead shiner. Every back seat passenger should have one.

  10. Haven't a clue, and as my bloody computer has frozen again for the past two hours!!!!! I have waited all this time to tell you.. M :-)

  11. I have to agree with Mom/Mum that you rest your head against it once you get bored and sleepy. If it is, then I want one for my desk at work.

  12. I was leaning toward the 'backseat airbag' theory but then it occurred to me that hitting the soft, fluffy pad that hard would drive the titanium rod through the pad and . . . I'm sure you can visualize the result. So now I'm thinking it's some sort of hanger.

  13. Okay no I don't have one but I suspect I need one Toni!

    I think it's a cowboy hat holder?

  14. It's positioning behind Mummy/Daddy leads me to think that it must be for weary sprogs to crash on to when losing the will to live on long vehicular journeys BUT I can see it would be quite handy for a swift shoe buff. The title of the post would suggest that too. Come on, woman, spill....what the blue blazes is that thang?

  15. er hello?
    it's one day later....
    just saying.

  16. Mmmm... this is a weird one...
    It has to be something totally crazy and un-essential in ones life so I would have to go with this:

    It is a "backseat shoe polisher"... yes on those long boring drives when a backseat passenger has realised that he or she didn't polish his or her shoes he or she can swifly and discretely take them off and give them a "good old buffing" on that wooly shoe polisher!
    Of course the "luxury kit" comes with an exclusive liquid (eco-friendly) to give your shoes that extra-special backseat shoe shine sparkle!
    Treat your loved ones to a "backseat shoe polisher" this Christmas - you'll be pleased that you did when you all arrive at your destination with shoes that you can see the reflection of your knickers in!

    Now tell me... should I be in advertising or what?! hahahahaha

  17. The truly have missed your vocation on QVC!!! (Other shopping channels are available)It's definitely a 'buffer' of some kind -I hardly think that you could buff your children before slinging them out at the school gates so it has to be shoes, doesn't it?

    *sigh* Where is that flippin' expatwoman?

  18. Actually in bed all day yesterday with raging sore throat. still feeling crappy and three feral kids to see to (of course). Be back soon.

  19. Er, something to throw at your kids when they are yelling the car? ;-)

  20. Hahaha Maxine! maybe I'll start a channel to rival Joan River's bee jewellery! haha

    Expatmum - I think I have just figured out what it is... when you said "Only in some parts of America" I think I know:
    Is it a cowboy hat holder? for those Clint Eastwood type passengers that want to remove their hat for a while and rest their heads? the cosy support would certainly give their treasured hats the loving support they need on the long journey, fully protected and untouched by anything else....


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