Thursday, 8 January 2009

Mind How Yiz Gan - Take Care of Yourselves

I know you've been on the edge of your seats waiting for my translation so as promised, here it is. Actually here's me at North Shields fish quay first. The place at the top left (North Shields/Tynemouth) is where I want my ashes chucked off BTW.

It's me ageeyan hinnies, A bet yiz forgot
It's Buggerallmoney - d'yiz care or wot?
Av had a bad year - yiz wouldn't believe
A just hoowop next year's got nowt worse up its sleeve

Hello Friends, it's me once again; I rather suspect you'd forgotten about me
It's the financially embarrassed one, but you're probably not too concerned about my plight
This past year has been particularly troublesome for me - quite astonishing really
I do hope Fortune smiles on me in 2009 rather than delivering more slings and arrows

Forst there woz wor lass; she chucked iz in June
Am alreet noo, but a woz a bit doon
Iz everyone sez, there's more fish in the sea
But somehoo neebody fancies me

My first trauma was splitting up with my beloved girlfriend**
I'm fine and dandy now but I was a sad bunny at the time
As is common knowledge, there will be other suitable partners
But I"m not looking my best at the moment, it would seem

Then, a gorra black eye in a fight
A smacked someone's gob, hell's bells worra sight
A didn't desorve to be hoyed in the cells
Ind me mam fund oot - someone alwiz tells

Then I was unfortunately caught up in a brawl, sustaining injuries to my eye
I must admit to hitting some chappie in the mouth, leaving him with a bit of a bruise
But I insist my behaviour did not warrant a night at her Majesty's Pleasure
Unfortunately, my dear mother found out about the incident; wonder who the little bird could have been

Me mam hoyed iz oot so A kipped at me meeyat's
He was deed good ind helped iz get streeyat
Noo Av gorra flat of me oowan
Am alreet for spon; Av peeyad off me loowan

My mother and I agreed that I should share accommodation with a good friend
He was unfailingly helpful and gave me lots of advice
Now I have my own little pied a terre, and am no longer struggling financially

Am chuffed last years' ower A woz gettin a bit sick
it's teken it oot iv iz, even tho' Am thick
Al hev a gud Christmas ind treat mesell well
A suggest yiz al dee the seeyam iz well.

I am thrilled that the year is finally drawing to a close, it was rather a beast
I may not be very bright but I still feel mentally drained
This Christmas is going to be topping and I'll treat myself royally
I suggest all you good people do the same

Mind how yiz gan noo.

Do take care of yourselves.

** At the time, I wrote this as a male, because of the fight scene. These days it's more likely to be the Geordie women setting smashed and causing fights!



  1. Firstly, it's SO NICE to put a face to you. Hello!
    Second, a great place to get your ashes scattered. I want mine scattered at Gairloch in Scotland, where DH and I spent some fabulous camping time one summer.
    Loved the poem - you really are quite talented young lady.

  2. yes, e.p.m. it's nice to put a face to the name. i kinda had that image of you, so it wasn't too much of a surprise. sometimes i'm Waaay off.

    oh aye, nice translation.
    reminds me of laarn yasell geordie books.

  3. still brilliant, and by the way the name was ayatollah...

  4. Cheeky Monkey - Do I look like an Ayatollah people?!

  5. Ah think yiz maht make yiz a CD, garlie. Yiz better t'en t' Streets, yeah? Bout t' same sentiment, doncha know? Good on ya.

  6. mum, I left a comment yesterday, in fact I left two, clumsily losing the first, a long one (is there anything more annoying?), and now I see that my shorter, second one must have bit the dust, too? Sorry, pet. :-(

  7. Well Billy, you did say that you've been fiddling around, technically speaking!

  8. It really is another language, isn't it?

  9. A lot of it is derived from the Vikings and the other tribes (Jutes, Danes etc) who invaded, hence the similarity (I was talking about on someone's blog) with a long-ago Afrikaans au pair I had. She used to ring her family and think I didn't understand, but the first thing she said was "Howzit Gannin?". I never told her that was Geordie!!
    As Lakeland Jo and I used to say in our office when visiting the ladies' room - "Am gant the bog. Watch me seat." (But we went to nice schools so this was purely an affectation.)

  10. Great!! I just love it...I read it out loud for greater effect...

  11. We played 'guess where I'm from' with a workshop presenter at my office not too long ago. No one could guess his origins - 'Geordie', he said. It made it a little easier to get the gist of the poem!

  12. Did ye ever read the book Geordie? Twas a braw book ....

  13. Hello there, found you at "The Brit's" blog and thought I recognised the accent!!

    (Am from the Boro meself, like! Though ah don't mind the odd stottie now an then!)

    Great bit of verse by the way, and yes, you're quite correct, it is the Geordie lasses that cause most of the uproar on our streets these days!

    Hope you don't mind me dropping by and adding you to my blogroll?


  14. I cold actually read that and still figure it out without translation. how? i don't know!

    BTw, you look so young! Great photo.

    i think it's interesting about your ashes being spread back home. Wouldn't you say by the time you die (if, hopefully, of old age) that you will have spent so much time in US that you sort of owe her your body by that point?! I debate this to myself.

  15. Oh my head! Thank you for the translation. ;-)


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