Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bloggery apologies

We've had a right week or two here on the technological front. The Ball & Chain, ever the techno wannabee, had us changed from whatever cable TV service we had, to Comcast Digital. Now apparently we get our TV, phone and Internet all in one bundle, for a lot less per month than we used to. (Most bills in the US come monthly rather than quarterly.) Which is all well and good except, in the interim, some strange things have been happening.

Like the e-mail I got via my I-phone, on which can pick up my e-mails when I am alert and able to figure out how to do it. I even replied to this e-mail, but when I went into the same account on my computer, it was nowhere. Now, I'm used to losing things. Every day there is a frantic, and often dramatic search for my house/car key. Sometimes I come in the back door, and sometimes the front, so the keys could be hanging on one of two hooks. Sometimes the phone is ringing as I enter the house, so the keys are flung in a mad-dash to get there before it clicks into voicemail. (Isn't that why we have voicemail - to let people that you miss leave a message?) As I said, I'm used to losing things, so I knew to search in every e-mail folder just in case I had filed it in "school" instead of "writing". Nowhere. I looked in the "deleted" and "junk" folders, and even did a search on the guy's name. Not a whisper. Does anyone know if they've invented cyber poltergeists yet? Hmmmm.

Anyway, another thing that happens every so often is that I have a fit of organizing, and attempt to delete the junk that comes through the filter and into my "in" box. This takes some doing because I have to delete them individually, to prevent deleting important ones (which should be filed somewhere else, I know). Then when I come back the next time, there they all are again, sitting in my "in" box, undeleted. Grrr.

And the reason for the bloggery apology - I like to get around. Other blogs I mean. I try not to leave inane or boring comments, but I do usually say something. In the last few days I've noticed that none of my comments are visible where I left them. These aren't blogs "waiting for approval" either - in which case I might be even more worried to be honest. No. Once again, the cyber poltergeist is at work, leaving everyone gossiping about me and commenting on the fact that I haven't been commenting. (Like you all have nothing better to do.)

But I have been commenting. I promise!!!


  1. how strange. My grandfather couldn't wear watches...he'd lose them, or if he kept them, they'd lose time and wind down no matter how well he took care of them. Seriously. This also affects most of one side of the family, me included...my particular problem is sunglasses, and keys. Maybe you've got the same thing? a sort of personal Bermuda Triangle.

  2. I am leaving a comment to say "hi I'm back" but wondering why you have left a blank post? Absolutely nothing there - strange.

    Ha ha, joking, but thought in your paranoid state you might believe me for a minute....

    Have you written anything yet for that mag? I am SO behind Lx

  3. Sheesh! I've got enough to balls to juggle without wondering if there's a cyberpoltergeist doing the rounds! I hope all your lost items are restored to you soon. Actually, I think there might be something that scrambles my comments after I've sent them... I type them perfectly and they appear with millions of typos.

  4. I also have an Iphone now and like with all new technology I am in the figuring out and puzzled stage.
    No doubt at all there are cybergeists. My computer or phone refuse to work, but as soon as my husband walks through the door they immediately perform without him even touching them. Grrr.
    And dealing with BT as the ISP is definitely a lot to do with our problems. They are a complete nightmare.

  5. Ah! Must be the same cyberpoltergeist that haunts my wife's excel spreadsheets (moving fields around) and deletes my twitters. Call Ghost Hunters!

  6. The other thing I forgot to mention - we have "sound" all over the house, which is being fixed at the moment too. The speakers in my bedroom and bathroom (posh eh?) keep coming on of their own volition - in the middle of the night. Grrr!

  7. Ooh I do hate it when that happens. I spend ages writing a comment then when I go back to check, it's not there. Hmph. So then I try to leave another one which is never as funny - or else I haven't realised that they are waiting for approval so end up leaving two equally inane comments. Blah, blah, blah. As you can see - I have no problems with inanity!! xxx

  8. Ah, the new technology. Yesterday I had to leave the house for the entire day to avoid the Chinese torture of the smoke alarm battery running down. I couldn't take the battery out because I didn't want to break the cover, which was stuck. Then the phone came out in sympathy and refused to recharge on its unit and the bread machine started beeping at me. Ever felt harrassed?!

  9. Cyber poltergeist... that sounds worse than a virus!
    I do hate it when things like that go wrong. Hope it gets sorted.

  10. Yikes! Scary to think of such things as cyber poltergeists floating around.

    Er, fingers crossed you get this comment!

  11. Sounds like you should move into the country and forget the technology for a while...


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