Saturday, 27 June 2009

Stranger Danger

Potty and Frog have recently blogged about the predators who lurk around the Internet, and as a mother of teens who seem surgically connected to the computer, I must reiterate their message.

Anyone with children will probably recognise the conversation that took place in our house tho other night:

So who is it who's coming round?"
"Oh, just a couple of friends
." (Said with casual indifference.)
"Who are they? Have I met them?"
S.. and G.. and no you haven't met them."
"Well, how did you meet them?"
"Erm, well I known S.. for ages."
"How come I've never heard of her before?"
(Even more casual tone.)


"Hang on a minute. Where did you meet them?"
"I hope it wasn't in a chat room or somewhere."
"Oh for Pete's sake
." (Much rolling of eyeballs.)


"You met them on Facebook didn't you?"
"Not exactly".
"Oh, don't tell me, she's another one of your bloggy friends isn't she?"
"So? What's the problem?"

Isn't it annoying how teenagers can turn into busybody parents when they want to?

Anyway, yes, Brit Gal Sarah and the Hubster dropped by as part of their vacation in Chicago. Unfortunately for them, Chicago resembled a bit of a swampy jungle this week with temperatures in the 90's and very high humidity. It takes a bit of getting used to, and you learn where all the air-conditioned restaurants are.

It's a bit weird meeting people you've only "met" on the Internet. I did it last summer with a group of mostly lapsed northern bloggers, and Hadriana, who blogs when she's not running around being a Roman person and running her new bed and breakfast. On that occasion, I just had to walk into a lovely country pub and look around nervously for other women who were also sitting or standing, looking around nervously. We knew each other instantly even though not a photo had been exchanged. At least this time I had a bit of an idea what my virtual friends looked like, and the fact that they would be knocking on my front door helped.

So, we had a lovely evening sitting outside at the bar/restaurant you can see from my front door, as you can see. We're in disguise though - you never know who might be lurking on the Net.


  1. Aw..... that was a lovely post. Great picture. Glad you had a great time. The weather is gathering up heat our way, too, though Chicago sounds really humid. I am no good in such conditions and just would like to hibernate.
    I look a bit like a Japanese doll, so you'd have no trouble recognizing me!

  2. Very funny. I liked the conversation! I think bloggers meeting up is more like internet dating - you know, "I'll be wearing a red carnation and holding a copy of the Times" He he he!

  3. Very funny, and fun! What a good idea!

  4. I read Sarah's blog too. Until you wrote this post I would never have linked you together but now you say it I can see how you would both get along. It's in your writing styles! I think it's great you met up. I know what you mean about the muggy weather. I had it here too. I'm only a little way west of you.

  5. And please count me in too! Teen Terrorists are far, far, far more challenging than Tottering Toddlers ;) x

  6. When I met Saz I did tell one of my friends about it, just in case she turned out to be a 74 year old silver-surfer and haired welder from the Wirral!

  7. How nice is that? I would love to meet some of my friends in the blogosphere and I'm sure I will some day. And yes, the net can be dangerous but we can also meet some wonderful people who would never have been part of our lives otherwise.

  8. Great post. Thanks for the link as well, and I loved the conversation with your daughter...

  9. It's that whole "Do as I say, not do as I do" thing!

    (And A Woman of No Importance - are you implying there might be something wrong with someone from the Wirral?!)

  10. And well you should have seen the wary look the Queenager gave us when we showed up, it was priceless. But she soon had a seat next to me and never stopped talking and proved delightful, just like all her family.

    We had a lovely time meeting EPM, I am still 100% success rate when meeting fellow bloggers. Thanks again EPM and we fell about reading the chat you had beforehand.

  11. That's great - I am due to meet a fellow blogger (Debra at Us In France) next week in deepest France and really looking forward to it.

  12. How wonderful to meet a friend who turns out NOT to be Jack the Ripper or Hannibal Lecter!!! Glad you enjoyed your visit and love the gals look terrific, tho, thought you were supposed to be wearing off-putting attire?

  13. OK Maggie - I give up. What DOES a Japanese doll look like? Just a very small Japanese person?

  14. There are a few bloggy friends I would like to meet in real life.n Glad Brit Gal turned out to be good!

  15. I've met a couple of bloggofriends - luckily they didn't turn out to be serial stalkers!

  16. Yes and Fhina is telling the truth, she was concerned I may be the driller killer from hell...where else would he be from..But I wasn't and the rest as they say is history..

  17. I haven't met a bloggy friend yet but will look you up when I come to Chicago be in the Jerry Springer Show audience (it's on my Bucket list).

  18. I know it's so weird having to admit where you met someone - and the funny thing is they know more about you than some of your "real life" friends! Thank you for stopping into my place - I'll be back to yours for sure.

  19. EP Mum: What a great story, I saw your name on sarahs blog and dropped over. I had a blogger meeting on yesterdays post also.
    BTW: I get the same kind of things said form my married children.

  20. How lovely to see you - although those sunglasses are a cunning disguise and I can hardly see you at all. Your previous post about teenagers is hilarious - I laughed my socks off. Brilliant :-)

  21. Drat! I have been lurking around on the Internet, trying to hunt down young women I can exploit and take back to my cellar. However, the sunglasses disguise means I have been thwarted...this time!


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