Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh fer Tweet's sake

Well, I'm back from the BlogHer conference, and because I did the LobbyCon thing, (ie. was too late to get a full ticket therefore paid $100 to sit in a lobby bar with "125 others" - 7 at the most - and see the speeches streamed onto big screens) I probably didn't have quite the same experience as the first class attendees. In short, I was very disappointed and am still baffled as to where my $100 actually went. We weren't even given lunch for Pete's sake. Anyway, I am e-mailing the BlogHer ladies and that isn't the main thrust of this post.

What did I learn? As some have already asked - what could you possibly cover at a bloggers' conference? Well, since I wasn't allowed into the main room and couldn't attend any of the mini panel discussions, I actually came away with very little, other than -

I am the only person in the world not Twittering.

Seriously, everyone there looked like they were texting continuously, but on closer inspection, it appears they were all posting things on to Twitter. Granted, some of them were reporting back to groups and Nings and things, but a lot of them were just Twittering - and the funny thing is that the twitters were going to people who were probably at the conference and already knew everything about it.

Without wishing to sound like yer old granny who wouldn't use a phone because it was "new fangled", what IS the point of Twitter? I mean, who on earth wants to hear what I'm doing at hourly intervals throughout the day? My tweets (as I believe they're called. I think mine would probably be closer to being twits) would go something like

7.30am - Ugh, can't believe it's morning already.
8.30am - If the kids were in school I would be on my own by now
9.30an - I hate clearing breakfast dishes
10.30am - Bugger - I forgot about their dental appointment.
11.30am - is it too early to make lunch to kill the monotony?
122.30 - Now what?

And so on.

I should really at least read up on it, but I think I'm spreading myself a bit too think, blogwise, already. So people. Who Twitters? Why? And would you advise for or against it?



  1. Yes, I know what you mean, the whole 'updating tweets' thing really had me baffled. I sort of lurked on twitter for a while though and began to get the hang of it. For bloggers its good for letting others know you've got a new post (potential converts). For some Ive noticed its a bit like texting to blog mates as well, without using phone to phone texting.

    Ive started 'following' a couple of people who post nice quotes from zen sources I guess, and as corny as it sounds, its actually quite pleasant to see those appear on my screen when I open twitter!

  2. there's only one reason they call it twitter...
    sorry about the blogging thing, sounds like a rip off to me. what was it all about anyway?

  3. No, I am not on it either for exactly the same reason as you.

    My brother used it a few weeks ago when he and his wife cycled the length of France, to give those of us at home updates. Sadly, he hadn't mastered the 140 character maximum, resulting at one point in a post that said: "We saw a man punch a"

    We were on tenterhooks speculating: a donkey? a mime? Sadly, when he returned and we explained our anticipation, it was a man punching a woman.

    Anyway, that horrible incident aside, it worked well for that trip as he could update from his phone as texts and those of us with twitter got instant updates, those without (ie me) could go his page every evening and see what was happening.

  4. I thought the same but last week I 'watched' the TEDGlobal conference on Twitter. It was terrific, a very little part of all the enthusiasm and idealism of that conference transferred directly to me. Suddenly Twitter made sense and seemed like a very good thing.

    Then I was followed by a whole load of 'get-rich-quick' spammers and the feeling dulled a little...

  5. I'm totally with you.

    I am not on Twitter and can't really see the point. I write the occasional status update on Facebook, but I can't believe they are of any interest to anyone but my closest friends. I can see its point for up to minute news reporting etc (I learned of Michael Jackson's death from someone's Facebook update) but not for ramblings about one's day. After all, people can come to my blog for that :-)

  6. I don't do Twitter, it would just be another job to add to my list every day! Can't see the point for bloggers really, would rather write something properly on my blog.

  7. I twittered for about 4 weeks and came to the exact same conclusion you have drawn. It's a huge time waster for all involved and I don't have any spare time as it is. So I deleted my account and have not missed it at all.

  8. the problem is that by the time I have answered my business and personal emails, networked on linked in and facebook, updated my blog ( which is the bit I really love, and reading other peoples- its my hobby).... I have no time to eat sleep or see the family. Where would it all end? I think I need to stick to blogging and business stuff and not even THINK about twitter at all

  9. I'm not going to defend Twitter as it can be a huge time-waster, but..
    I started on Twitter earlier this year to see what all the fuss was about. I noticed people tweeting 'new blog post' so I started reading blogs. I soon found that 140 characters were not enough for me and started my blog. I now chat to fellow bloggers on Twitter and we promote each others' posts.
    Also I found a writing network near to where I live. Tonight I'm going to an event (a 'tweetup') to discuss how to promote the arts in my city. Tomorrow night I'm going to a live-lit night with a new friend I've made via Twitter.
    I have also seen tweets about writing competitions and the like and have started creative writing outside of my blog.
    There are a lot of tweets saying 'I'm having a cheese sandwich', I just ignore that stuff!!

  10. Someone did tell me that you can point people in the blog direction so that sounded interesting. I don't know whether I can be bothered though.
    And the conference? - well, there were some "breakout sessions" (mini lectures and discussions) on everything from the technical stuff (Search Engines) to the future of blogging versus print media and everything in between. I think I'm so disappointed because I hoped to learn a little and got nowt!

  11. I don't twitter and don't intend to. I like emails, my blog, Facebook and I Skype - that's more than enough to keep me out of trouble.

  12. I am so with you...I just don't get it and think it's only for old people - the teenagers don't do it do they? So it's hardly the choice of the future....that is really bad about the conference...sorry you didn't get more out of it and was treated like the important blogger that you are!! (ps sure you don't want to come and help me look for scorpions in my boots?) Lx

  13. I'm another one who doesn't have Twitter.. I totally agree with you Expat mum and I don't see the whole point of it... besides my whole life can barely contain my Blog, running around trying to find work and an apartment plus my love life, so I'm sticking with my Blog and don't intend on becoming a total twit just yet! XX

  14. I tried twitter for work and was very cynical about it going into it. I am a huge facebook fan, and twitter seemed pointless in comparison. Now I appreciate it, but mostly for its marketing value. I follow some of the American Idol contestants because they interest me - I get to see bits of their daily lives and they get to keep in touch with fans. I also follow several authors and speakers I'm a fan of.

    As for me, I use facebook to keep in touch with friends, and twitter to promote, market, and network. I post links to significant blog posts in hopes of driving traffic to my site. I link to articles that interest me or comment on local news.

    It isn't as FUN as blogs or facebook, but it is useful.

    If you just want a small personal blog and you don't want to post your daily minutae for the world to see, skip it.

  15. I know of a teacher who used Twitter when he was one of the chaperones on a 3 day trip to NYC. Quick and easy way of updating people as to what they were up to - "Stuck in traffic - now arriving home @ 10pm not 8"

    Other than scenarios like that, I can't imagine wanting to use it. I can't even be bothered updating my status on FB most of the time!

  16. I never intend to TWITTER!
    Quite happy with blogging!

  17. I plan on launching my own brand of mindless dribble that I 'think' people want to hear about my mundane life...I'm calling it twatter...I think I'll have my own little following don't you!

    I am a twat, therefore I see no purpose in twittering.

  18. Just wanted to let you know that there was at least one other BlogHer attendee not yet tweeting. Sorry to hear about your LobbyCon experience, but I do want to let you know how delightful it was to meet you at the Friday cocktail party. My friend MEP and I kept marvelling at how much we enjoyed seeing you and your friend enjoying spending time with each other, and we look forward to being as happy and cool and engaged as you in another ten years or so...

  19. Thanks for all the input y'all. I think I probably won't do it for now as I need to get my head down and write, but I will probably "educate" myself nonetheless. (Long word.)

    There's a great blog called "My Boyfriend is a Twat". We should tell her about the fab "twatter" idea. I laughed.\

    E - likewise. You seemed like a great duo. Yes, D and I were thick as thieves in London in the 80s (unwed and unconnected). We haven't spent much time together in the last 19 years. Her kids are a bit younger than my older two so we have been doing different things, and let's face it - it's not so much fun dragging kids everywhere when they have nothing in common.
    We're back together on PowderRoomGrafitti and long may it continue!

  20. Thank you for your champion comments over at mine.

    I long for the days of:
    - black heavy telephones with phone numbers no longer than 4 digits
    - red phone boxes
    - London routemaster buses
    - roving IT departments with good looking men to fix my computer at every available opportunity

    phishing, fogging, snogging, twatting...where will it all end? ;)

  21. I will join your "Grannies Bemused by Twitter" support group when you set it up.

  22. Husband's comment on Twitter: "It's just a bad habit, isn't it?"

  23. Good question EPM. I have just started partly just to see what the fuss is about. Not sure I know yet, some interesting bits and pieces from some virtual friends, some strange pornographic followers. The jury is still out.

  24. Sorry BlogHer was a bit of a waste of time for you.

    I am on twitter, but only find myself using it after having had a couple of glasses of wine. Oops, did I just say that? LOL

    No, sometimes I am on it quite a bit to tweet a post or more, then I won't go near it for a week.

  25. It's just another social networking 'thing' with the worth to you personally in how you decide to use it. Like facebook you don't have to immerse yourself in it and use all the features like other people do. You can ignore most of the crap and only use it to suit yourself. Like all this computer stuff - including blogging - of course it's potentially addictive and time-consuming. I use it because it's just another way of interacting socially (I only follow a handful of people), but following some links and topic trends has led me to some interesting places.

    I'm also using it as a way of practising being more succinct! Brevity is not my strong point (as you can see) so working on saying what I want to say in 140 characters has been a useful training ground!! (Not working too well is it!)

  26. I twitter. Not hourly though. 1/2 per day, and they automatically update on both my blog and my facebook page. So it's an economy of scale thing.

  27. I'm on Twitter, but never use it, mostly because your "joke" tweets are a good example of what it is generally filled with. What's the point?

  28. I just want to second what E. . . said about how cool it was to see you guys hanging out and having fun together. I feel like I need role models of women who manage to be good moms (or mums!) and continue to carve out time for their own passions and interests.

    I signed up for Twitter on Monday post-BlogHer, but honestly, I don't know what's going on and don't feel too certain about it at all!

  29. Never in my wildest dreams did I foresee Drunk Mummy and me being referred to as role models! Thank you child!

  30. sorry the BLogher con, wasnt up to much for you...
    Twitter? well lve logged in, but have probably sent 6 twits...!?

    I too cant see the point...and email and texts dot he job l need....I dont need to know what complete strangers are doing...perhaps pals yeah, butt ext covers that. so WTF???

  31. I was on Twitter for a while. I can see the point, if you have all your friends on there and you're all bored at the same time. Otherwise? No.


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