Friday, August 28, 2009

Field Notes

Almost at the end of our week in Ibiza and good times are being had. It's bloody hot although not too humid so I can cope. (Don't really care about eveyone else!)

It's been a while since I've vacationed "on the Continent" and am noticing that -

- the toilets are a lot better than they used to be. Clean, sufficient loo roll, even a means to wash and dry your hands, but
- those bloody timers on the lights are a pain in the proverbial. Given that there's usually no window, I've been plunged into complete darkness several times before I was "finished". Very trying.
- I am officially a spoilt American - it's murder with no air conditioning. I wouldn't say I'm sleeping so much as hallucinating my way through the night. The Ball & Chain is actually sleeping on a lounger on the roof.
- the restaurants are all serving the same fare, which is killing me. I don't come all this way to eat bacon eggs, chips etc. It's not a big place here and we have only found one restaurant that serves anything different
- English people shout at their kids a lot, even on holiday

The little guy's definition of a party is "when you jump into the pool with all your clothes on". He has gone through a week's supply in about four days! Hmmm.

Oh, and my bum is in pretty good nick at the moment - the walk up to our villa from the beach makes the west face of Everest look do-able.


  1. sounds not bad, despite the other Brits! mmmm bacon, eggs, chips, Id kill for them...

    I remember a year ago on a holiday in Madrid watching two VERY hungover English girls in the breakfast room the next morning yelling at a Bolivian waiter (who may not even have spoken spanish) in English "no, no, there's no more BACON!! NO TOMATO SAUCE! BACON!!! where's the BACON!?"

  2. I can't believe that food. We went to Corfu once and most places there served English breakfast, and one place - famously - fish and chips "in real newspaper". We wanted Greek food and had to look long and hard for it. I honestly don't know why some of these British tourists bother to leave the UK.

  3. There are some fantastic restaurants on Ibiza - you just need to travel to get to them, and the cabs are crazy! If you're still there, try Sa Capella just outside San Antonio...great food, and an amazing setting in an old monastery.

  4. As am currently vacationing En Espana, this post really made me laugh. I am soo with you on most of that list, esp the air-con. I am awake and blogging because it's too bloddy hot to sleep. Grrr. But, seeings as rain has hit Michigan this Aug, I will not complain about the sun and heat.
    I am however really impressed with the clean toilets I've too encountered so far. Seven years ago, when I last was el touristo, I would welcome the light going off, so I didnt have to look at my surroundings while I peed!

  5. I slept on my mattress on the balcony for the whole 2 weeks I spent in Portinax!

  6. I must be a typically spoilt brit girl. No air con? not happening...
    I know one of the favourite holiday food for Brits abroad is 'cheese and chips'

  7. You bring back memories of when I used to go abroad for my hols, remember the restaurants serving the same food and the toilets weren't too clean in many places. It was while ago since I've done a "proper" holiday abroad though, without child!

    CJ xx

  8. I have a friend who lives in Ibiza but he says that he never eats "English" food - just Spanish (and he says it's fab!) You must be unlucky..

  9. Ibiza out of all places. Why? Partying? Clubbing? G-String-competitions (with your bum in such good nick...)

  10. Ahhhh it's so lovely there. Hope you're having a blumming wonderful time. We stayed in a villa in Ses Paisses there and it was lovely. I love Ibiza town too, and Santa Eulalia (all probably spelt wrog as it was a looong time ago.)

  11. Isnt Ibiza the land of partying, pewking , sleeping on the beach & off we go again? Or I am just really old and it has changed in the past 25 years? Probably the later!


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