Thursday, August 6, 2009

To Do List

Things I still have to do before the Friday Night flight:

- breathe deeply (see last post)
- find the UK/Continental plug adapter
- find the kids' goggles (they are NOT in the bathroom cabinet)
- decide whether to schlepp creams, sunscreens etc or buy them in the UK.
- stand all the plant in trays of water and post big note to the Ball & Chain to water from time to time
- eliminate three pairs of shoes from the suitcase
- remember to take various birthday gifts for sibs - unlike last year when I had to post/mail them from here
- finish the hem on halter neck dress I'm making for Queenager. (Oh yes, nothing like last minute stuff.)

Things I should've done:

- bought new underwear before mother sees gray collection and tells entire family (but hey - an excuse to go to M&S)
- bought the little guy new undies. The Hulk and Sponge Bob ones are apparently too tight. (Another M&S excuse).
- downloaded the school 2009-10 calendar onto I-pod. Any planning I try to do in August will be pure guesswork
- bought kids school supplies (we have three days when we get back and a list as long as my arm- eek!)
- checked in with my agent. Not sure why as there's nothing going on at the moment, but it feels remiss somehow
- weeded the garden. It will resemble a jungle when I get back

Thing's I can't seem to do:



  1. its moments and list like these that make me wonder is it all worth it....

    I have to get myself all revved up anywhere near, over or through water..

  2. Good luck!! After reading your last post about the flight from hell this should be a breeze. Take a FABULOUS book that you can't put down and hope you don't get sat next to someone with chronic BO and a love of talking. XXX

  3. Don't forget to bring a few warm things & come prepared for rain!
    Good journey!

  4. I'm with Maggie May...bring your waterproofs and forget the sunscreen.

    Are you going to be anywhere near Cornwall?

    Safe travel.

  5. Yay for M&S knickers! I always buy them when I'm over, too. The kids get Tesco's. Much cheaper and they grow out of it anyway. And they like it better.

    I can't step away from the computer either. Sigh...

    Have a good trip.

  6. Step away from that computer!

  7. If you're over here...maybe we could meet up for a drink again? No pressure. Just a thought.

  8. Chill out - you can buy most of that stuff here. And then STEP AWAY FROM THE BLOG!! He he he!

  9. You won't need suncream, so you can take that off your list :o)


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