Thursday, September 17, 2009

Taste Britain

I don't normally do this, and I promise not to make a habit of it, but I was recently sent a copy of the brand new "Taste Britain" magazine and I couldn't resist sharing.

It's a beautiful looking thing, with photos that make you want to try all 54 recipes. (West Country souffle, Cornish Crab Soup, Pancakes with Kippers, and Cheddar Crumble to name but a few.) You'll find information on what's in season, an update on the Campaign for Real Ale's activities, a piece about brown crab (yum), together with profiles on the Isle of Man, Eckerington Manor in Worcs, and a gourmet guide to Padstow.

Alas for us expats, there's a tantalising list of "tried and tested" sausages, available from Waitrose, Morrisons etc, but not the USA. (Sigh!) Indeed, a few of the recipes, though tempting, list "good-quality sausages" or "pickle" (presumably the Branston-type) which are both a bit of a pain to procure here.

The US special offer is $45 for 6 issues, which isn't cheap but you'll get around (50 x 6) 300 recipes and serious gourmet kudos if you leave it lying around your kitchen. (Subscriptions are also available worldwide and obviously in the UK). An even better idea is to give a subscription as a gift either to someone leaving the UK or to a friendly, neighbo(u)rhood Anglophile.

(PS. To satisfy whatever disclosure rules are currently being discussed over here, I received nothing other than one free issue of Taste Magazine, and in return did not promise a positive review or any review at all.)


  1. I love cooking magazines. Another good one is Olive from the BBC. Lots of easy and down to earth recipes, easy to copy and the ingredients easy to find.

  2. that seems like a nice mag, but I'd rather just watch yummy men like Gordon Ramsey or Jaime Oliver make the stuff we love on BBC America!

    As for finding 'good' quality sausages and pickles...thats tough...since Cost Plus World Market went belly up, I can no longer find my english chocies, branston, tbags, baked beans etc. sigh. Oh, what I'd give for a bottle of HP sauce right now.

  3. Wish I could send you a regular supply of *bangers* but I guess they would go mouldy in the post! And a bit heavy.......!
    I wish I had a passion for cooking!

  4. MM- thanks. I have just popped over to that web site and it's great. I usually look at Sainsbury's when I need an English recipe, but this will be taken into consideration too!
    SM - here's how sad I am. I live about half a mile from a Cost Plus and I had no idea they were going under. (Must get out more.)

    Maggie - I wish you could send me sausages too!

  5. Hmmm, let's see. They sell furniture from around the world (of the bamboo and dark wood variety usually), also plates, soap, baskety things, wine, and some food - usually Canadian Cadburys masquerading as the real thing. You could get some good stuff from time to time though.

  6. Looking at pictures of food is much more fun than actually cooking, tho!

  7. I have just become your 100th follower. Any prizes for me? XX

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. No prizes, as the air mail usually costs more than whatever I'm sending. How about a nickname - Centomum?
    No? Never mind.

  10. I think you should have got a few more free issues out of them for such a nice review.


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