Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just. Get. Out. The. Door.

Not quite sure what's going on at the moment but the 6 year old is turning into quite a picky dresser. Not that he has to be wearing a particular brand or anything, but it has to fit to perfection.

Take his underpants for example. (He'll kill me when he's older). Having raved over the Hulk six pack of briefs I bought in September, he actually hasn't worn any of them. Every moring I put them out, and we get half way through breakfast before he complains that they're "cutting his legs off". He's a skinny kid too; it's not like he has a big bum or chunky thighs. I think it's because he wore cotton boxers throughout the summer and doesn't like clingy underwear now. I even suggested we take a pair of scissors and snip the band round the leg holes, (anything not to have to go out underwear shopping again). He agreed to it but he still maintained his legs couldnt breathe.

Then we have the "one size fits all" winter hats, which are apparently squeezing his head off. They're plain. They don't have embarrassing Thomas the Tank Engine on them or even worse, Mickey Mouse. We gave them away at the end of last season in case anyone ever saw them in our house. No, these hats are light weight stretchy wool things with minimal ornamentation. His big brother sometimes wears them which would normally be quite the prize, but Little Guy's head is apparently bigger than everyone else in the world's. He's now rocking a ski resort type hat with long red and blue fleece dreadlocks. It takes up half the space in his cubbie at school but everyone comments on it. (Yes, definitely bound for the spotlight this one.)

This morning it was the socks. OK, I haven't been through that drawer yet this season and we have spent the last few days trying to shoehorn his foot into toddler Gap socks, but today's pair fit. Unfortunately they had a seam. Not quite sure what was wrong with this particular seam but every time he put his foot in his shoe he shrieked and generally made out like Lawrence bloody Olivier. About to lose it with him, (dragging a tearful child into school somehow doesn't make one look like Mother of the Year) I told him if he wanted to change the socks he had to go to his room on his own and get some. Anything to avoid two flights of stairs when I already had my coat and gloves on.

Hours and hours later, he came back down brandishing a pair I swear I'd never seen before.

"This should do", he said, showing me a nice red and white pair with a snow flake on the ankle. "They're seasonal".

I think he's been watching too much Sponge Bob!



  1. Uh, what is it with seams and socks. The bane of my existence!

  2. He sounds cute!
    At least he is not refusing to wear clothes at all.
    My granddaughters will not wear vests and seem to think they should go to school in just a tee shirt. Bad reflection on me (as I have to work there.) Surprising how often the assistants say *What kind of parent would send him/her to school wearing only that!*

    Nuts in May

  3. So funny! I want to adopt your son. Mine didn't care what he wore, shopping with him was a nightmare as we'd always come home with wrong size shoes because he just said 'they're fine ' as soon as he got a pair on. Now at the tender age of 22 he's extremely interested in what he wears. And no, it's not a new girlfriend, this one has been around 3 years now...!

  4. Littleboy 2 had a tantrum the other day because he wanted to wear a pair of black socks (his brother's) and not the stripy ones I'd chosen for him. He's 2....

  5. Seasonal... heehee.
    My son loved the underpants for eight year olds I accidentally got him when he was four. They were a silly big size, but his trousers kept them up.

  6. We have a problem with seams and socks too. It seems to be universal. I don't know why the manufacturers completely ignore this.

  7. Teenager just hates coats. He often goes out with no coat and a top with no sleeves. Typical Geordie really

  8. I have to agree with him on seams - especially ones across the toe - they hurt!
    Isn't it amazing to have boys so finicky? My 3-year old is very particular about shoes and pyjamas but not bothered at all about the rest of his clothes. Very strange!

  9. My son's new thing is that he only wants to wear "soft pants." So basically, he refuses to wear khakis, denim, cords, etc. I had to go buy more fleece pants, sweats, and windpants just so I get could him dressed for school each day.

    Sure, a better mom would make him wear the "scratchy" pants, but I am not that woman.

  10. Mep - I have to say that I actually put him in soft pants during the winter as the weather here gets so dry it chafes his legs. The older guy had it evern worse, so we've had more than two season's clothes (shorts, jeans then fleece) for a long time.

  11. 'seasonal'. LOL
    fickle little lad isn't he? but cute with it.

  12. isn't it great when you read about someone else's child behaving the same way as yours...isn't this one reason why we blog, despite rationality saying maybe we shouldn't...

    My three year old is going through a similar phase, gettting dressed his pants, sock and shoes "hurt". I've done the same seasonal trawl through the drawers and bought new sizes but it's always still "ow!" when getting dressed!

  13. What with the green hair an' all (although I think it's Patrick, not Spongebob, who has green hair).

  14. Very funny - I'm glad it's not just me.
    Oldest boy and I chose a fetching soft check shirt for him last time we braved the clothes shops and now, try as I might, I just can't get him to put it on.

  15. Iota - I don't think Patrick has any hair. Perhaps Squidward?

  16. Hahahaha! This was funny. Seasonal socks?! Very cute. My daughter is also fussy: only her favourite clothes, and who cares if they match (or not, as is usually the case) and only jeans--NEVER a dress or skirt. My oldest step daughter assures me this is a phase...

    She would love snowflake socks.

  17. Ahhh, the socks! Went through a phase with #2 over socks and seams, and tears, and running late for school, because OH! the seams! I called it her Princess and the Pea stage, although at times I confess to cursing sock manufacturers as well as her.

  18. Oh happy I have met the little cherub, as this took on a whole new 'real' angle for me.


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