Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ho hum - what next?

So not only have I not been skiing, I spent most of Christmas Day in bed, feeling pale and wan and still coughing up my innards. This morning I took myself off the the clinic here and was diagnosed with acute bronchitis, given an inhaler and some anti-biotics and told to come back if I'm not better in a few days. Oh well, at least it means I'm not a hypochondriac. The cough started the night before I came here, but apparently the extreme cold and dryness aggravates your bronchial tube thingies and makes them spasm, which is what mine are doing. Hopefully the medicines will due their stuff, but my stomach is already starting to feel a bit 'dodgy' probably from the anti-biotics, so I'm not straying too far from a loo!

Other than that, everyone had a jolly Christmas. The Ball & Chain cooked the entire meal (thus continuing what I and the kids are calling his "mid-life crisis"), and I completely forgot about the sodding crackers that I'd hauled a thousand miles from Chicago. Pah. We are apparently going to do them on New Year's Eve now.

Oh yes, and I got a very nice, small, simple gold watch to replace the one that I got almost twenty years ago as a wedding gift from the B&C. He took all the hints (actually photos I e-mailed) of simple watches, with no diamonds or other bling and got exactly what I wanted. A nice watch that I can wear every day without having to worry about it getting bashed around a bit. (I have been known to have a shower and forget to take my watch off, if you're wondering what harm could possibly come to a wrist watch.)
What else - Oh yes, we finally solved the problems of the Queenager's freezing room. The rest of the house is rather warm as it's east facing and has the sun blasting through large windows all day. Her bedroom faces the other way so you'd expect it to be a tad cooler. However, it felt positively arctic in there so we cranked the thermostat up in an effort to improve things. Unfortunately, this had the effect of turning the rest of the house into a mini-furnace, and we all woke up medium-rare in the middle of the night. Yesterday, the B&C went in for another stare at the base board heaters in her room, only to discover that one of the windows was actually open! Yes, open! It's about 2 degrees Farenheit outside, and no one (least of all Queenager) had traced the icy blast to a small corner of the room. So now it's closed and Voila! A warm room. Amazing eh?

The Little Guy continues to love ski school, although we had a bit of a scare last time we picked him up. Their group was about 30 minutes late coming in and we heard that one of the kids had shot off in the wrong direction so the ski patrol had to go after him. The rest of the group (having tried to find him) had had to ski further across the resort and were now on the bus on the way back. My stomach hit th floor with the certainty that it was my child, although another mother seemed just as adamant that it was her's. Fortunately it turned out to be her child, and because of the GPS bands they all wear, the ski patrol knew exactly where he was as soon as he was reported missing. Drama, drama.
Another week to go and I'm sure there'll be more "events" to share.


  1. Boy you really are in the wars, hope you're on the mend soon and get to ski some. Sounds like the rest of the family is making the best of it, glad you solved the Quennagers chilled room mystery.

  2. POOR YOU - that sounds really bad and what a shame you're feeling so rubbish and the cold is going to aggravate it - you will simply have to stay in with alcoholic hot chocolate and read books. What a nightmare. Lxx

  3. Not the best thing to happen over Christmas, I do feel for you, I missed last Christmas completely due to flu, went to bed on 10th Dec and woke up on 28th. But at least his Lordship honed his cooking skills and this year he was right beside me in the kitchen it was great fun. Hope you're feeling better very soon.

  4. Oh, scary! Glad the kid was found, thank goodness for GPS

  5. bronchitis is horrific. You are doing well to type anything at all. I love the classic Queenager teenager behaviour

  6. Those GPS bands are a great idea.


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