Friday, March 19, 2010

Shiney, Happy Memories of Friends

Ok, so this was going to be the second part of an up-lifting post. Except that in the past few months I blogged about two friends who'd lost long battles against cancer. And literally, in the last few days, I was told two more of my friends have died. (Brain, cervical, skin and breast. All waging at least 6 year battles.) We need to find cures people.

So - in memory of my four friends, Madeleine, (6th grade/Year 7  buddie), Debbie, (university friend), Anne (1980's single gal in London pal),Carolyn (was my first US friend 1989), all represent different phases in my life-

I was shiney and happy when spending times with you my friends. A lot of my friends over-lap because I love bringing people together. I always assume if I like people, they will like each other, and they usually do. You gals are going to have one big margerita party up there.

Until then, chicks,




  1. Sorry for all your losses! May they rest in peace.

  2. Very sad news. Cherish the memories. XX

  3. Evil , evil C, took another of my family this week two. Hold on to those memories

  4. This blasted disease is round every corner.
    Surely a complete cure will happen one day?
    Lets support the cause every way we can.

    Nuts in May

  5. One day getting your injection as a cure will be as automatic as the polio jab. But how awful that this definitive cure is so long coming. One of my friends recently died from cancer - a lovely vibrant opera singer named Janet. She'll be up there entertaining your friends.

  6. Oh this is so sad, what a terrible loss for you and their families. Its a lovely thought that you have of them all enjoying a few cocktails together now and also such lovely memories to treasure.

    MD xx


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