Friday, April 30, 2010

Pushed for time

You know you're pushed for time when:

- you have a dead right arm (possibly due to trapped nerve in neck) and no time to go to the doc. (Or rather, no time to sit around waiting for hours on end.)
- your in-laws are visiting soon and the guest bedroom is housing all the winter coats, all the outgoing laundry and two boxes of stuff to go to goodwill/jumble
- you resort to making kids lunches the night before (ooooh, soggy sandwiches) because mornings are too busy
- you can't remember the last time you washed your hair (I heart dry shampoo)
- your once regular workout routine is now a fading memory and/or a two mile walk with new dog
- you're too busy to read the lists you keep leaving yourself (thus leading to more panic and disorganisation)
- your newly paved front garden is bereft of plants
- you forgot to get the tooth fairy to take 6 year old's tooth away last night. (He was greatly mollified with the news that if she misses a night, you get double dollars)

Must take a deep breath.

Have my big sponsored walk on Saturday to raise money for a school in Ghana. Very excited and hopeful that more than a handful of people turn up. Please rain, try not to make an appearance.


  1. Take a pill and lie down......
    Definitely doing too much!!!!!
    Get your arm sorted. You are worth more than that!

    Nuts in May

  2. I know, I know. The arm is getting better altho' the pain wakes me up at about 5.30am every day. (Middle of the night for me.) Problem is, next week I have to work at the school garage/jumble sale every morning and I can't leave a new dog in the house by itself all day, so I can't go in the afternoons.
    Kids finish school in early June so things shold slow down. (Ha!)

  3. If it's too rainy or windy, the tooth fairy tends not to get to our house.

  4. My friend's daughter fell over her handlebars on the bike and knocked out four adult teeth (she is seven) and two baby teeth). The tooth fairy had to go into overdrive. Nightmare

  5. Giggling at the soggy sandwiches.

    My husband always tells the tale that his mother used to put out the breakfast cereal the night before, and occasionally put the milk in too!

  6. Being forgetful as well as over busy I once sent a child to school with a loaf of bread in her packed lunch and put the lunch in the bread bin. On Tooth Fairy front made rod for own back in that with Drama Queen No.1 I used to write wonderful inventive little notes from the tooth fairy - by the time I got to Drama Queen No.3 I was so fresh out of invention I couldn't even remember what ridiculously soppy name I had christened her personalised tooth fairy - perils of being the youngest.

  7. Good luck (today)!

    I'm starting to lose it too. Probably won't get it back until 4 July.

  8. Of course you were part of the original conversation about bringing a blogging conf to the UK but I just wanted to say thanks for registering. In a bid to get to know at least something about all the bloggers who are kindly supporting us I have added you to my blogroll and I'm now following your blog.
    You can keep up with my goings on over at - a follow back would be appreciated....
    See you in July..

  9. That was a great evening Sian. I hope Susanna doesn't regret me urging you and Jen to get her on board and start organising something. Y'all know if I'd been based in London I would have been right there in the thick of it with my sleeves rolled up.

  10. Good thinking on the tooth fairy thing. It occurred to me the other day that you know you're overloaded when you catch yourself thinking 'wow, this is a nice but of peace and quiet' when you're on the toilet.

    Oh, and when you're reading blogs at 5:30am on a Sunday morning.


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