Friday, July 23, 2010

Television - the New Enabler

Broken the law? Got yourself a little coke habit? You could be in for you 15 minutes of fame.
Read what I have to say over at PowderRoomGrafitti.


  1. Yes, I really think TV has a lot to answer for. Even the news seems to trigger copycat crimes..
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. The reason I like Ozzy Osbourne so much is that he's the real deal - yes, he's addicted to everything and does crazy stuff but he's also done a lot musically. The muppets that get the media attention these days (Paris, Lindsey etc.) haven't done anything remotely useful - it baffles me it really does.

  3. That was one scary article. HOnestly, you have to be a train wreck to be famous these days. What happened to talent?

  4. OK, so I've come over here and realize I have to go and visit some more. Your poor 7 year old is obviously suffering withdrawal symptoms - but I loved the dialogue. And in fact that's just what Grandson needs right now - another 6 year old to negotiate with! I'll go over to the Powder Room next. M xx


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