Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A prayer - please

It's not often I get all touchy feely and heart felt, but needs must. On Wednesday (29th) one of my besties, also known as blogger Lakeland Jo is up for the fight of her life.

She has blogged a little about her past few horrendous months (but not so's you'd recognise them as horrendous because Jo is one of the happiest people I have ever met), but the summary is she'll be going in to the Royal Marsden in London for a 12-14 hour op to remove a secondary cervical cancer tumour. It is a pretty mean tunour so has spread its wings quite a bit. There's a lot of clearing out to do.

Jo is a very intelligent, spiritual and religious person so I won't even try to convey her thoughts on all of this. Suffice to say, she has a fabulous husband, and a to-die-for teenage son, not to mention a distraught mother. Her belief in the power of prayer is deep, so I ask everyone to pray in their own way for the safe handling of my beloved friend Jo.




  1. Thanks for posting about this.
    I have only fairly recently started to visit Jo's blog and I find her a very courageous lady and feel that the words of encouragement that we have exchanged through our blogs about our cancer/treatment has brought us closer together.
    I will be thinking of her & praying for her today because I have personally experienced for myself, the power of prayer.
    I feel for her family having to wait so long for their answers.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. I have had close experience with this in several friends and relatives. I will send my thoughts to her; lots of positive healing thoughts.

  3. Bless her. I'll be thinking of her today and sending her positive thoughts.

  4. Talking to Buddha right now this minute and sending warm wishes, healing prayers.

  5. So sorry to hear this. I will be thinking of her.

  6. I do hope all is going well/ has gone well with the op. Will light a candle for her on the way home from work.

  7. Thanks for sharing this with us and giving us an opportunity to send some positive thoughts to her. Have said a prayer and will light a few candles at mass on Sunday. x

  8. Half way through her mammoth op and her hubby posted to say all is going well. They are working mm by mm to cut the tumour out. Jo is stable and there are no surprises. About another 5 hours to go as of 8pm UK time.

  9. My friend has just had a gruelling six hour operation at the Royal Marsden but just given the all clear. Poor Jo, I had no idea, and I'm not v good at praying but I will keep everything crossed for her. Lxxx

  10. PS can you let me know how she is getting on when you hear? I had no idea L x

  11. The op took 13 hours, Jo was stable throughout and the docs said it went better then expected. They think they got all the tumour out but obviusly are sending tissue off for testing.
    As of Wed night everything was fine. She is now in ICU and will be there for a few days and in hospital for at least a few weeks.

  12. I just can't imagine being under the knife as she was for 13 hrs! How unbelievable is that? She is so positive and that has come through these last few months. She is in the thoughts and prayers of many people.


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