Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bed Swapping - It happened

If you read back a few posts, you'll know that a bed swapping extravaganza was planned in the Expat household. Namely those of Man-Child and Little Guy. Man-Child's bunk beds headed for Little Guy's room and the double bed going from LG's room to MC's. (You'll need to read previous posts to see why a teeny 7 year old was sleeping in a double bed, while enormous 15 year old was dangling over the sides of a single/twin bed.)

What I may not have mentioned is that the boys' bedrooms are on different floors. Oh, and we have a steep circular staircase between the floors. Moving furniture is typically not a happy event in our house and involves hoisting said pieces high above the bannister in order to get them anywhere. Oh, and we have wall lights cruelly mounted at two key points along the way just for good measure. Professional movers have been known to invoke the Moving Gods when they see their equivalent of the west face of Everest. I was nervous.

And for good reason.

Where to begin.

Well, first me and the Man Child had to have an argument about what was staying and going vis a vis furniture.  His chest of drawers matches the bunk bed so of course, had to go too. Come on. I can't have mis-matched furniture. It wasn't like he wasn't getting another chest of drawers or anything. And why is he so wedded to a chest of drawers that he never touches?? His clothes go from the laundry, to a pile on his chair, to his body, ad infinitum. I'm surprised he even knew he had a chest of drawers.

Then we had another argument  discussion about moving everything else in his room. He wants a black room to which I am not opposed. He has a navy blue rug - Arrrghhh! I think not! The rug will look great in LG's room. MC can have a new one for Pete's sake.

Despite my repeated screams of "Watch the walls" father and son managed to create quite a few new dings. Apparently it doesn't matter because "no one ever comes up here mom". I suppose there is some logic to that, but somehow it doesn't quite work for me.

Ah yes. The piece (don't have a French accente thing) de resistance - the re-assembly of the bunk beds. The wrong way round. Bet you didn't know a top bunk could be the wrong way round did you? Not that it was the end of the world, but it did involve an extra half hour of unscrewing. Then there was the tangle created by having to turn the entire thing round when surrounded by mattresses on the floor which had to be stepped over. God knows how someone wasn't hurt.

And then, when both boys went to bed this evening, they independantly voiced concern about their ability to sleep in their new surroundings.

I confess to a slight coldness on my part. The phrase "Deal with it" had to be pushed back from my lips.



  1. Ah I love this - and I can just hear you saying "Watch the walls" as you manage the whole operation.

    Yes, why doesn't blogger have a French accent thingy - someone must know whether we're missing a trick here?

  2. You are more restrained than I am - I most certainly would have said "Deal with it!"

    I forget how to do accents on a PC, but on my Mac for aigue accents it's the option key, followed by holding the option key down + the letter you want the accent over. For grave accents it's option, option + ` (top left of keyboard), then the vowel. You can also copy and paste from these: à é è î ç
    (Just watch them not show up properly after that explanation even tho I can see them perfectly on my machine!)

  3. My other half had to take down a wall on the back porch to get our couches downstairs to the basement when we moved here. So I can see where you're coming from.
    Watch the walls.
    what walls?
    All good fun. :-)

  4. I had to chuckle as we also have a problem getting things in the attic. Sometimes things have to be dismantled & reassembled up there. ( I am lucky that sone is a carpenter.) The attic is our dumping ground. I don't go up there very often.
    Good luck with all the upheaval.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. Very funny post! Do you know, when we had some internal doors redone a few years ago I actually had them made wider because I was so sick of seeing some old sofas in our living room which husband declared too big to move (how the hell did they get there in the first place?!). We have new doors and new sofas now. Not that new doors would have helped you. Why didn't they move rooms? Instead of furniture? Having 5 kids in my house I can imagine the answer, but just curious if yours would be the same as mine... :)

  6. How I hate moving furniture. I look forward to the days when the boys are old enough to help their father. I think 'deal with it' would have been a very diplomatic way of putting it.....

  7. I agree that "deal with it" was perfectly allowed after all that.

  8. I did know about the bunk beds but husband and son didn't know that the running machine came apart and didn't bother asking me first. In fairness I didn't tell them until they had struggled with it down a flight of stairs. I agree that sometimes it is easier to just move the children!

  9. For displaying accents and other fun stuff properly online, google "special characters." Web Monkey has a great list.

    The "accent grave" is the following (minus the space after the ampersand and the one before the semi-colon): & egrave ;

    Fun story! Looking forward to checking back with your blog!

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