Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pride, falls and all that

Well, they say pride comes before a fall don't they? There I was comgratulating myself on a two week ski trip that didn't result in broken bones or the usual illnesses.

And then we got back home. Which is where the "fall" bit comes in.

At first I thought the lock on the front door was frozen, but now it appears to be completely broken. I waited until the Ball & Chain came home (he was in Colorado for another week on a "conference") to see if he could fix it as it's happened before. We are having to come and go through the back door, which isn't really a problem unless you forget and find yourself standing at the front and then you have to walk down the street, round the corner and up the alley. It appears that the lock can't be fixed; a new part (or a new lock altogether) has to be ordered which is going to take a week. Sigh.

Then we found the flat screen TV in the living room still on. Our TVs need a PhD in applied something or other to turn on and off so it's not unusual to walk past a TV with a glowing white screen. I know who probably did it, but there's a bit of exam tension in the house at the moment so I shall just have to let it be. Besides, I have no real proof, and as the mom here, isn't it always my fault anyway? Apparently it's going to cost about $500 to fix the TV, so obviously, since it's 7 years old, that would be like throwing good money after bad.

Then the kitchen tap/faucet started to leak a lot so we called a plumber in. He too needs to order a spare part. While he was here he also fixed another leaking tap (yay, success) and stood around and tutted at the shower head in the master bathroom. The company where we bought it no longer exists, so it's going to be a challenge to find parts. Trouble is, if we replace the entire thing, they have to go through a bedroom closet, which means taking all the built-in shelving out, chopping up and replastering the wall and.....Sigh!

Unbelievably, the underfloor heating we're supposed to have in our basement seems to have petered out. In comes the heating and under-floor guy who basically tells us that what we have is "a piece of crap, sorry Ma'am" and we're looking at having to replace the entire system (whatever that might be). The sales guy is coming tomorrow to give me a price for everything. I will find a pair of glasses from somewhere, wear very sensible clothes and make him think I know all about furnaces and copper piping. He's not going to jack the price up for this dumb blond.

In the meantime why don't I just stand on the street corner and hand out $100 bills!


  1. Oh dear it never rains when it pours does it!!

  2. All things come in threes. Your bad luck is done now.

  3. At least you didn't fall. :)

    Sorry about all that. Happy new year to you and yours.

  4. Another holiday perhaps? (only you won't be able to afford it now with all those bloody bills to face - what a nightmare. And exam tension in the house too - oh no!)

  5. Bugger me! That's quite a list. Don't you just hate these blokes who come in and tell you everything you own is rubbish?!

  6. What corner are you standing on? I'll be RIGHT there! :)

    Seriously, though, good luck with your fix-it things.

  7. We are always having builders and handymen turn up and tell us that things in the house are completely crap!

    What a pain about the TV. I didn't know that leaving it on could break it....

  8. Things always go wrong together, don't they? It seems typical bad luck. Hope it is all resolved soon.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. don't hand it out over there-send it to your good friends in the UK. I need the help to pay for our now needed bathroom refurb, the new fence that we need replacing, the new front door which we need because the old one keeps sticking, and the decorator. Thanks very much.

  10. Oh no! I'm sure it's nothing to do with you tempting fate like that. :-)

  11. Aaaargh.

    By the way, I don't know if it was a quip re copper piping, but we were told that it's really valuable. Someone told us that workmen say "I'll take that away to the dump for you" as if they're doing you a favour, and then sell it for a good price. It's really worth while keeping hold of it to sell yourself. Just so you know.

  12. Oh yuck. Sounds like my week before Christmas. Like someone else said, its over now, the bad luck is finished and its only January! Woo hoo! Now you'll have a fab 2011. :)


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