Friday, February 11, 2011

Fabulous Craftiness!

We're off skiing to get out of the Chicago cold. Seriously, after last week's blizzard the temps have been ridiculous. I walked the Little Guy to school the other day, well, climbed over snow piles would be a more accurate description. It was 4 degrees Farenheit; that's -15 Celsius. Seriously. I looked like I was going to rob a bank, so much of my face was covered up. Honestly, my usual Yummy Mummyness goes out the window in the winter.

The dog got twenty minutes of walking in the last few days. She doesn't mind the cold, her with the fur between her paws and the obvious Husky genes, but it was too much for my face. I started off with good intentions and a scarf wrapped around my lower face, but the sun was absolutely blinding so I also had to wear sunglasses. You look a right pillock when the glasses steam up, not to mention the fact that you can't see a hand in front of your face. I couldn't ditch the sunglasses  as without them my eyes water, the tears freeze and tend to burn and stuff. I know. So the scarf had to come off and the jaw froze quite quickly.

We're off this evening straight after school. The drive to the airport will be a delight - Chicago rush hour traffic! Before that I have rather a lot of washing and packing to do. The Ball & Chain has decreed that we should only take carry on luggage which isn't so ridiculous as our ski clothes are already up there and there's a washing machine. Oh joy. It just means that I have to plan outfits instead of bunging any old thing in. We have also been invited to a drinks thing on Saturday night so I need something presentable. That's the biggest challenge.

This morning saw a few more challenges than usual. The Queenager is in the school musical Grease, and there's a photo shoot this morning. I was required to put her hair up into a high 50's pony tail, so I insisted that she find the requisite hair stuff the night before to avoid running around in a panic. We had a run through last night, which is just as well as the high pony tail was definitely of the 80's variety rather than the 50's. Big waste of time at the end of the day, as she sat doing something at the computer for too long this morning, then ran around schrieking that she was going to be late and there were absolutely no time to do the pony tail. Typical.

I also have to take the tuition deposit checks/cheques in to school as I apparently sent the forms back in without the dosh. Oh well, worth a try.

Oh and since we're off next week, the Little Guy's class is celebrating Valentine's Day today. My crafty diva came out last week and made this card for his teachers. Yes, it looks like I have too much time on my hands, but you have to have something to do when sitting next to a 7 year old doing homework.

How fabulous is this? And green too. I know it's pink and red, but it's made from old Xmas cards. I also do mosaic birthday cards when I realise that I've run out of store bought ones.  I'll warn you they're a bit fiddly and time consuming, but they look great in real life!


  1. Love the card expatmum! Can I have one? Pretty pretty please...! Enjoy the skiing...must go have screaming 7 year old to deal with....

  2. What a beautiful card!
    You've given me food for thought, shame I threw out my old Christmas cards.
    Here's hoping the weather improves by April. :-)

  3. Looks even better in real ife as there are lots of sparkly bits! Seriously - what better than a hand-made card.

  4. The card is lovely. Such a brilliant idea!

  5. OK now realised you have wayyyyyyy tooo much time on hands. Love the card but seriously how long do they take to make? Have not bought a V.Day card for Dear Charlie and thinking I may have to sort something out before Monday... obviously as you are away you won't be able to tell me until it is too late. Bother!

  6. Love the card. What a great idea.
    You've had it rough as regards the snow & cold.
    Have a great time skiing!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. Great card, but... a Valentine card for the teacher? How crazy!

  8. <3 your blog!
    Stopping by from:

  9. I love the card but I don't get- you could have been out drinking coffee and shopping. Never a yummy mummy if you can't do that ( and do lunch of course). Craft doesn't cut it


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