Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ski Trip Update

Well, we're all still in one piece. (Oops, jinxed it haven't I?) My eyelids are back to normal although it's so dry up here I swear the wrinkles have positively doubled.

On the skiing front - I'm doing all blacks this year as the 7 year old has progressed to that and won't ski blues any more. (There are no red runs in the US. You just have to take your luck as a blue skiier and hope that you don't find yourself on a really hard one.) He did three black mogul runs with the Ball & Chain the other day, but woke up so sore and achey that he hasn't asked to go on them again. That'll teach him for getting too big for his boots!

This is me and him sliding backwards, hence dodgy stances.  I've just realised how tall he looks. I'm 5'7" and he's 7. He's up to my shoulder, although he has the helmet on. Blimey!

I don't do moguls. I have dodgy, crumbling knee (that's a medical term) which basically means if I bend to take a mogul I can't always straighten up again. That, and the fact that I'm crap at moguls anyway. Where's the fun in them?

We haven't seen much of the Man-Child as he's made it his life's ambition not to reveal that he is our child. He walks ten steps ahead of us in the airport, keeps his head down when we're out at dinner and snowboards on his own or sometimes with the Queenager who's a pretty ace skiier. I wouldn't care but we're all wearing helmets so no one would really know that it was him out with us dorks. Grrr.

Anyway, today we are having a bit of a snow blizzard and I hate skiing in it. Apart from the fact that it's wet and cold, the snowflakes coming at you as they do, from the side, actually start to sting after a while. The B&C has taken Little Guy swimming, and the teens have gone out in the blizz. I have warned them, on pain of death, to stick together. That means that they will stick together if they want to do the same runs. They're not likely to come to much harm as there are tons of ski patrol people and hardly any skiiers this week, but the Man-Child insists on taking short cuts through trees then forgetting that he's 6'3" and often taller than the branches!

I am still in my jim-jams with a ten page paper to write for my writing class on Monday and no topic in mind.

Better get started hadn't I?


  1. How about, Pammy goes skiing? Can send you the lego figurine if you like (7 year old may even like it; I understand we've started something of a craze amongst the grade 2 boys who are a year closer to all of that 'stuff' than Boy #1...)

  2. Oh it all sounds so scary to a wimp like me! One of these days we might give it a try but Dougie has a crumbly knee like yours and isn't keen. I haven't any old injuries to use as an excuse but am still not keen!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time except

    * I have a six year old and didn't want to know what he'll be up to next year
    * I'm fine with reds (luckily we have them here) but am petrified of blacks after I slid down one rather painfully a few years ago
    * the teenager thing freaked me out even more.

    Why can't they all just stay in lessons until they're 18? Actually, make that 21.

  4. I went on a black slope in error once when skiing with school. I did well til I met that tree. Never again.

  5. I agree, what is the point of moguls? Hate them....

    I found the not having reds thing a bit freaky. It meant that some of the black runs were actually more like reds - ie doable for me -but the question was, which ones? Enjoy.....

  6. Oh I am so envious of you skiing. So odd that I can't recognise you with the helmet on (doh). Have a fun week and good luck with that paper (wish I had some inspiration for you, but I am sadly lacking in original thoughts right now...apart from ones of a violent nature of course!)


  7. Looks awesome! I don;t see the point of moguls either, they just show everyone that I'm a crappy skier!

  8. It's amazing how independant and brave teenagers become when you put a helmet on them and stick them on two sticks of resin mashed fiber carbon that can go 50 mph down hill. Oh, that's me. Just kidding. Glad you are having family time on the slopes .

  9. Did you find out what had caused the eyelids?

  10. Iota- I think is was the Vaseline Intensive healing cream. I hadn't bothered to bring my regular cream because we weren't checking luggage and it was too big for the carry-on allowance. Plus, it's so dry here you need heavy duty cream. I always think Vaseline is kind but apparently it's too much for my delicate eyes. It made the skin sting, swell and go red, but only for the one day. Sigh.


    Your 7-yr-old is on blacks? Wow.

    Actually more impressed that you are!


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